Short Story - Paranormal / Vampire / Werewolf / Weres


Paranormal / Vampire / Werewolf / Weres


:derelict_house: :coffin: :chains: :vampire: :ghost: :paranormal: :wilted_flower: Supernatural or other natural. Ghosts, spooky events, fangs and human / beast shifters. :eye: :wolf: :bat: :business_suit_levitating: :spider_web: :werewolf: :stake:

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Julie Colray and her husband Rome are vampires living peacefully in London, easily blending in amongst the many humans that live in the heart of the country.

But when Rome is kidnapped by unknown men Julie has to work with those who guard the humans from those like herself in order to save him.

But something powerful and deadly lurks in the shadows, something that bends the very laws of nature and threatens their very existence.


I think this fits in pretty well.
Drake’s Notebook


Drake’s the king of all vampires, he hates humans and his own kind alike and wants nothing to do with them. But as much as he tries to avoid it all, trouble always seems to find its way to him. Lynda’s a brave,stubborn and beautiful gypsy girl who doesn’t know that she’s the lost heiress to one of the most powerful families in the world. Then there’s Vlad, Drake’s former friend and comrade turned enemy who leads The Mantle, a highly secretive and religious cabal composed of mercenaries,rogue vampires and even Lycans who’s goal is to create a new world in their own image.

Now realizing he’s vulnerable for the first time, Drake and Lyn must retrieve his precious notebook,stop Vlad and uncover the secrets of the mysterious woman known only as “The Warden” who is somehow responsible for everything that’s happened up to now.

The epic centers on three stories that come together: Drake’s fight against Vlad to restore order to the vampire world and his troubled past. Lyn as she struggles to hide her feelings for Drake and her dark secret. Vlad and his secret contract with the mysterious Warden and his struggle to keep his already fragile alliance together.

Chauncey works for a kneecap banker, a loanshark whose rates are so high that very few ever come to him. Chauncey is the muscle that gets sent in to collect when payments are missed, when people run, or when things generally go sideways instead of according to plan. No one is better at tracking down a runner. That’s because Chauncey is a werewolf.