Short Story - Paranormal / Vampire / Werewolf / Weres



Paranormal / Vampire / Werewolf / Weres

:derelict_house: :coffin: :chains: :vampire: :ghost: :paranormal: :wilted_flower: Supernatural or other natural. Ghosts, spooky events, fangs and human / beast shifters. :eye: :wolf: :bat: :business_suit_levitating: :spider_web: :werewolf: :stake:



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Please remember the rules in the Share Your Story clubs only allow you to post a particular story once per week. I’m afraid your additional post(s) will be removed by a community ambassador.

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Oh! Blast. I know that. Apologies!

I didn’t pay close enough attention if it was here already. It seems that every group has a different reset date… or, at least to me, it does. So many details! Maybe I need a spreadsheet.

It’s too bad the “share your stories” folk can’t all get together and decide that threads end on X day at Y time. You know, 'cause that would make the Universe According to Yvonne so much easier. :laughing:

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I’d like to share a story, it isn’t mine, I’m just reading it, but its absolutely bangin’ so far, and ticks all the boxes for the genre (which is a genre I’m not really into, but I am really lovin’ this book, so my recommendation is legit) here.

Please check it out. I really think you’ll all like it.

The author is Lesserknown1

Lead me astray

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