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Vina berpacaran dengan Tristan selama 7 tahun, namun percintaan mereka kandas di Paris saat malam tahun baru. Vina yang sebenarnya masih punya rasa harus merelakan cintanya terhenti.

Setahun kemudian, takdir mempertemukan mereka kembali. Vina yang sudah melupakan kisah cintanya yang sudah dibangun 7 tahun, harus kembali menemui Tristan di Paris.

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" Retour en Décembre "

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A promise made and a promise kept.

Words of Love

By Lea Sheryn

It would be easy to fill page upon page with of words of love written in flowing prose, Willa thought, but Keith seemed to find the in-depth conversations they so easily fell into more to his liking. How would he react if she wrote words of love instead of speaking about their love of history and reading and current affairs? The fact was: they were both comfortable being themselves and so alike in everything they did or thought that there was hardly time to stop for a breath between words. Keith was a man who enjoyed companionship and thrilled at being around someone who shared his thoughts and ideas. Did he ever think of love or even consider it? There were things he wanted to do with his life and a certain agenda he tried so hard to stick to. Willa quickly learned, if anything conflicted with his end goals, Keith shut down and distanced himself from any perceived misdirection he might encounter. Would an outflow of her everlasting love for him cause him to put the brakes on their tightly linked connection?

Willa decided to take a chance. Knowing how to string words together to make poetry out of prose, she eagerly sat down in front of her computer screen to write out her innermost thoughts. Slipping the printed sheet into Keith’s briefcase, she knew her words of love would be the first thing he saw when he sorted his work onto his desk in the morning. As soon as he kissed her good-bye at the door and slipped behind the wheel of his Mercedes, she began to have second thoughts. Had she said or done the wrong thing? The questions of anxiety that played in her mind were going to plague her all day long.

Keith was an important man—he had connections and dealt with people all around the world. He was mostly connected with the serious side of life. Although there were occasions when he laughed at a comic joke or hung around at home watching old movies on TV, he knew when to keep his game face on. Willa, on the other hand was a writer. With two or three novels on the current best sellers list, she took a free and often extravagant hand when it came to creating fictional characters and storylines; she thrilled at the slightest whisper of romance. Oh how she longed for her man to cut loose, just once, and indulge in the kind of affair she so often wrote about.

The hours ticked by—slowly, too slowly. While Willa tapped tapped tapped on her keyboard, Keith spent his day in “closed door” meetings that had to do with National Security. Had he read her missive? Had he crumpled it up and tossed it in the nearest wastebasket? Or had he understood her deep longing for him? Sighing, she thought she would soon find out.

Keith stood in the doorway to Willa’s office. He liked the way she looked, bent over the keyboard with her hair falling against her cheeks to hide her forward facing face. The love he felt for her rushed over him during his commute home. At first he had been taken aback by what she had written in her secret note. He had pondered it over coffee at his desk in the morning and had dismissed it before his first scheduled meeting of the day. It wasn’t his way to express himself in such a way. The truth hit him during evening rush hour. Oh how he loved her! All of a sudden, Keith wished he had the power and the ability to string words together the way Willa did. All along he had wanted to tell her of his love for her but he didn’t have a way with words such as he needed to express himself.

Leaning in the door, he continued to observe her until he could bare it no more. Stepping up behind her, he pressed his face into her flowing blonde locks and pressed his lips against her head. Without thinking, the words began to flow. Keith told her all the words of love he had bottled up inside him for all the years he had known her. And Willa understood and expressed her own love for him as she turned to wrap her arms around his neck while she kissed him deeply, warmly and invitingly.


“So, what are you other intentions Mr. Hughes.”
“You are my intention, Ally. So, would you give this guy a chance?”
Harvey was taken aback by his bold confession. His heart throbbed heavily waiting for her response. What if he scared her away?
Ally Marsh is a 20-year-old college student who’s always putting other people’s needs before her own and still feeling second best to everyone around her until she met Harvey Elias Hughes, a Marine veteran who wanted a fresh start. Neither of them can deny their intense attraction, nor can they hide from it. But will moving on from their dark pasts jeopardize what they’ve found in one another?






This book is a collection of encounters that revolve around Cecilia and Leviathan as they struggled to make sense of each other and how the idea of wrong timing seems to be an invariable concept in their relationship.

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