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Staying With Her



Adriel stumbled into his new apartment-drunk and horny. He’d just had a bite out young flesh. Yet, he needed more.

He had to step back into the game and grant his ■■■■ back its name, “Blackjack”. Black-for being part of the Blackhawk clan and Jack…well that’s what his known for.

He found her in his bed. Dressed in nothing but a pair of lace lingerie. Fuck! He had been drinking too much. All that he saw was a black cloud and heard it’s thunderous moans.

He had to take her. Drunk or not-he was intoxicated by the mystery beneath him. He was a man after all. A cop, a dirty hardheaded cop. So he took her. That was until the next morning, he heard an unfamiliar wail.

Who the fuck was she? And why the hell was she in his bed?




’Til We Meet Again [Oneshot]

Description: People come and suddenly go. It’s a cycle of sorts. But what if we don’t want to say goodbye? Will the cycle stop turning?

This is already a completed oneshot. Feedbacks and suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks! :sparkling_heart:


I have two books for you. One of them is about a woman trying to fight for her life. The books name is called warrior princess. The other book is about two teenagers falling in love and there are a lot of obstacles in their way. Both of the books were made by princessnovak9

The Reason

Summary: Little did I know, I was sitting with Seattle’s most-wanted criminal." When Penny discovered Will in a bookstore, she knew right then that she was in love. But as their time together continued, she realized that maybe he wasn’t one to be fallen for. Will and Penny met for a reason… and maybe it was just for love.


Thank you!

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Wonderwall (n): Someone you find yourself thinking about all the time, someone you’re infatuated with.

A plastic turtle, a sports girl, summer camp, surfing and a cup of coffee all come together in these five romantic short stories about female empowerment.

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“This really brings me back to being a kid.” - TheDeadPlace

“There are so many things you can do with classical romance but this book CHANGES EVERYTHING. When I saw the synopsis, I was thinking “aaand another romance, there’s no way this is going through”. Wrong again! The author is so skilled at developing a story that I’m beginning to call it natural-born talent. When cliche. Is taken. On another level.” - Millie

“This book will inspire many romance novelists.” - Rachel