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Please read my book, "Of Demons & Their Angels"
Username: Amberrbbenn
Description: Cleo Kline, a young woman born from a wealthy, loving home finds that her family holds a dark secret. It all started when she finds a mysterious key with a just as mysterious note attached. Cleo is taken to a world she never knew existed and with a handsome demon accompanying her, what could go wrong?



Nonfiction / Romance / Short Story / young adult

Love shows up with a person you never expect it to. It always happens that way and nobody can stop it. This is the story of a young girl who experienced, for the first time, what love felt like.

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1st Place WINNER - COMPLETED Short Story (UK English - 7 min read)

Izzie hasn’t seen heart-throb ex, Nicky since their breakup two years earlier.

She should be thrilled when she gets invited to the wedding-of-the-year in the Hamptons. It’s a once in a lifetime event and lots of old friends are going.

The problem is Nicky will be there too, along with his super model girlfriend.

Not only does his success make her feel like a failure, but she’s been unable to open her heart to anyone new since.

Sometimes the only way to embrace the future and find a happy ending is to face up to the heartbreak of the past.

HAMPTONS WEDDING, a completed short story (2000words), is the 1st Place Winner in Round 2 (Final Round) of the #TrialsOfLove Writing Contest, hosted by @Romance, September 2019.

Story by @MochaVonBee


The time has come to confess to your crush…
But when you’re not even aware of this crush and it is on the hot infuriating boss of yours, things get complicated.
And an unsent outlet letter can quickly become a suicide letter.


The same dream, the same dark brown eyes, the same warm smile that never fail to make her heart beat faster.
She’s sure she knows him… but who is he?

“The beach was empty. This late in September, on a mid-morning Tuesday, the coast was deserted. Waves crashed against distant boulders spotting the landscape. Dried sea oats blew on the breeze and I found myself perched against a dry rock, toes just inches from the tideline.”

Love, Marriage and relationships. What do they mean and who defines what they mean? Can relationships be inclusive with one partner willingly allowing to share his spouse with another? This is a strange story of two women and a man with abundant love and passion for each other. This is about the queers and their status as human beings. I have published my short story “Shadow under the Light” and would appreciate if you can read it and respond with your critical comments. You can find my story on @chatterbox.


It’s Christmas Eve, 1945. The Second World War is long over, but a young lady still waits for her lover to return home from active duty. As she sees yet another lonely holiday season on the horizon, will Margaret’s dream of a White Christmas with her man by her side finally come true? Read to find out!

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Aurora (A Soldier’s diary)


A chilling four-day diary left on a soldier’s cell phone tells a tale which pushes the boundaries of our understanding of the human heart. What nineteen-year-old private Harmon was to learn about the powers of desire in the last moments of his life is a lesson for all of us. For he was to experience the rarefied gift that what we will eventually see is that which we desire most.

Read this story here:

Falling for a Boss
Kira and her sister Kiriyah were adopted into the Hidal family young. Life for them had never been normal and being the realist that they are, they never expected it to be. Kira doesn’t aspire to fall in love with a man and head off into the sunset like so many other girls she knows. She’s more interested in working hard to become a successful nurse with no debt. Still, that doesn’t stop her from indulging in ‘fun’ sometimes. Kira has never been shy about her willingness to have sex with a man one time and be done with him. The motto has proven to work well for Kira so far but when she falls into the hands of a boss, a night of ‘fun’ could make her simplistic lifestyle much more complicated.
Haze Montero is just one of the most sought after brothers in the city. Known for his savage demeanor and careless ways, Haze is the most feared of the Montero brothers. Girls fall in line to get up close in personal with the man people compare to the devil himself but Haze barely give anyone the time of day. Being that he was promised to the connects daughter against his will, he has to play things safe. But when Kira captivates him with her beauty, he can’t seem to break things off. He thinks he has things under control until they both end up in a line of trouble to come. Will he finally let go of the woman who shook up his life in order to save hers? Or will he go to war in the name of love? Find out…

This is a short story I originally typed years ago, as a way to cope with the troubles I was going through with a particular boy who I believed was my first love. It entails all the ups and downs that I went through with him over the course of a year and a half, and what pain he caused me. Warning, when this happened I was a young age, so yes this may sound stupid to a lot of you.

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