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:man_astronaut: :full_moon: :milky_way: :flying_saucer: :woman_scientist: Science Fiction stories have plots that are largely possible within the story’s scientifically established laws of nature. They often revolve around a futuristic view of humanity or space in general. :woman_astronaut: :brain: :man_scientist: :alien: :rocket:


Title: Connecting With You

Everyone has a code of their own since the day they were born.

Only 2% of the entire human population has their own name specially chosen by the System.
These selected people are called β€˜Epithet’.

And that also applies to the girl coded 10402, a broken girl who disconnected herself from every attachment from anyone else in her life.

That is, until she received a message on her AL.


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Looking for some short and entertaining science fiction? I’ve got a full collection of super short stories with tones ranging from poetic, sarcastic, and suspense. Length varies but each piece is between 100-1500 words.

I’ve got some story summaries below with links. These can be read in any order.

  • visceral contradiction Poetic exploration of cybernetic life. 100 words
  • Ambiance Ironic humor, beginning with β€œEverything went wrong when the chimps at the algae.” 500 words
  • Tom Elise searches for her missing dog and discovers something unexpected. 1000 words
  • Eclipse When a space-age civilization begins an ambitious project, a medieval society sharing their sun witnesses an astronomical event they cannot justify. 1500 words
  • A dark and stormy night Elemental drama based on this classic story-starter. 500 words
  • Time Stack Poetic visualization of time. 400 words
  • Intergalactic Couchsurfing Awkward encounter between an alien and her human couchsurfing visitor. 600 words
  • Career Change A company man stuck working on a Friday night discovers a new career option 500 words
  • silence: a woman with the voice to change worlds and the man who loves her. 200 words

review the collection here

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Recently added a short story called Planet Rock:

Responding to the universal cry for affection, I went over and sat down next to him, placing my arm around his shoulders. As I sat there holding his hands in my other hand, trying to comfort him from unknown pains, I thought about what I just witnessed. It was now quite clear I had my arm around not one person, but two. And they did not like each other.

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