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:man_astronaut: :full_moon: :milky_way: :flying_saucer: :woman_scientist: Science Fiction stories have plots that are largely possible within the story’s scientifically established laws of nature. They often revolve around a futuristic view of humanity or space in general. :woman_astronaut: :brain: :man_scientist: :alien: :rocket:



A race of artificial lifeforms called Xecians are being developed and placed to thrive in a cage, each latest creation getting smarter and stronger.
Alpha-99, or A99, being the most advanced and closest to a human being’s perception, finds himself questioning their identities and the purpose of their existence.

"Whoever made us are rather fools… whether they are a group or we are only dealing with a single creator, the intelligence provided to me was enough to lead a resistance in this cage:

we bow to no master."

Check out this one-shot sci-fi short story here:

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Maybe this is Science Fiction because it is near future (2025) and shows how existing technology could stop global warming.

That is not the only theme of the story but it is certainly there if you look for it . . .

Killing Me Gently

By: Awkward Menace

She was, in a word, mesmerizing. Her electric blue hair was shaved on one side. And she moved as a gazelle prancing through the meadow while she ended the lives of the four men. The majestic woman turned toward me, the world was moving in slow motion as she flipped her hair out of her face. I watched as she walked toward me, then she started running. As she grew closer, I noticed her expression, anger. She pointed her gun right at my forehead.

This is just a chapter 1 short concept. If it’s perceived well, then I might make it a full length.

It’s the final evening of the television program, Precursor, a two time Emmy winning talk show based on the premise of bringing back the deceased to have one final talk with their descendants. Louise Jean has been able to book the founder of ME Features, Oliver Menior and his great grandson William Menior the current CEO. These two american icons breathe what it means to be wholesome family content. Unfortunately, the two have different views of what the family legacy should be and poor Louise is stuck in the middle.

See how it all unfolds at the following link:

Angel’s Ride

It was LA in the year 2O21. A new underground theme park called “The River Styx” had just closed down. “Too many mysterious deaths and unethical methods to get people to visit it,” the official inquiry had reported.
Only a chosen few had managed to make the dark journey down 'hell’s river" before its demise, and Angel would be one of them. It was her obsession about the attraction–and her own mysterious connection to it which finally got him to take the voyage.
Looking back, it was that first day in the photo lab, while trying to get the young model’s image more metallic on the screen. That’s when Angel suddenly appeared to him in the flesh–her face next to his in the blue light of the monitor.

Read this story here:'s-ride

Dean Pratt is pushed to the limits as he attempts his first teleportation to a new planet.
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Short stories for your inner planet-hopping, astrophysicist, space pirate :rocket:


Title: The Immortal Science
Author: @aerys_the_mad
Genre: Scifi, LGBTQ+
Mature: yes (sex)
Synopsis: In the near future, all of humanity has united under one banner. Nations have ceased to exist; humans identify themselves first and foremost as citizens of earth. When a mysterious, urgent meeting of global proportions occurs in Singapore, gifted student Cyrano accepts the invitation, knowing it is her duty to her planet to attend. As she struggles with bouts of mental illness, she begins to question whether she has what it takes to help save humanity.

(This is a short story written for my university creative writing course. I hope you find it interesting and compelling!)

blurb: Astrifer is a man who lives and breathes for science and new inventions. He gets kicked out of his family home because his career choice wasn’t in accordance with the family’s wishes. It’s tough to start a new business but, an ultimate automaton contest gives him a chance to take a quick, sudden breakthrough in his career. Things don’t go as planned and the automatons start acting strangely…

This is a short story that was created for the purpose of the Hungry Ghost challenge.


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