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:man_astronaut: :full_moon: :milky_way: :flying_saucer: :woman_scientist: Science Fiction stories have plots that are largely possible within the story’s scientifically established laws of nature. They often revolve around a futuristic view of humanity or space in general. :woman_astronaut: :brain: :man_scientist: :alien: :rocket:


Read The Worst of Evils

Set in a dystopian future, Laine the Hunter has been chasing Roxanne the thief for years. Their journey finally comes to an end.

There are some romances in this world that are doomed from their very conception. From the very first glance – love at first sight, some call it, a meeting of eyes across a crowded room, on a battlefield, in a dark bank vault – these romances are fated to destroy the lovers. Such love stories are magnificent and glorious, all passion and fire, like lightning in their sudden flash of brilliance. They go as quickly as they come, leaving only destruction in their wake.

Rated Mature for implied murder-suicide.

I would love to do read for reads with this story!


Marshall Williams was ready to die. Finishing his note to Claudia, all that was left to do was swallow the pills. That’s when Dan Jenkins showed up at his door. Somehow, the brash young man knew exactly what Marshall was about to do and said he was there to offer him another way. β€œToo late for that,” answered a hopeless Marshall, but Dan just smiled. β€œFor the right price, it’s never too late.”

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