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Science Fiction

:man_astronaut: :full_moon: :milky_way: :flying_saucer: :woman_scientist: Science Fiction stories have plots that are largely possible within the story’s scientifically established laws of nature. They often revolve around a futuristic view of humanity or space in general. :woman_astronaut: :brain: :man_scientist: :alien: :rocket:


If you’re looking for something short and entertaining, check out my story anthology appropriately titled
Super Shorts with stories between 100 and 1500 words.

Story summaries below, can be read in any order.

  • visceral contradiction Poetic exploration of cybernetic life. 100 words
  • Ambiance Ironic humor, beginning with “Everything went wrong when the chimps at the algae.” 500 words
  • Tom Elise searches for her missing dog and discovers something unexpected. 1000 words
  • Eclipse When a space-age civilization begins an ambitious project, a medieval society sharing their sun witnesses an astronomical event they cannot justify. 1500 words
  • A dark and stormy night Elemental drama based on this classic story-starter. 500 words
  • Time Stack Poetic visualization of time. 400 words
  • Intergalactic Couchsurfing Awkward encounter between an alien and her human couchsurfing visitor. 600 words

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What would you do to regain a lost love?

Marshall Williams had tried to forget Claudia, but thoughts of the beautiful young woman who always carried around a notebook were never far from his mind. Even their failed marriage hadn’t changed his love for her. Unable to go on alone, Marshall was ready to end it all, but the arrival of an unexpected visitor changes everything. The mysterious Dan Jenkins reveals to Marshall that for the right price there is another way.

Soon the lives of a struggling writer and a young woman from different times become forever linked as Dan Jenkins works to change Marshall’s fate. However, it soon becomes apparent that fate is a fickle thing and even the best laid plans don’t always come out the way you expect.

Verging from whimsical to tragic, three short stories take a look at the means of humanity’s ultimate demise (sorry, no zombies). In ‘End Game’, an over-zealous secret agent finally defeats his long-time nemesis, but in the process might just have doomed the human race. ‘Best Intentions’ is the story of how a kindly alien decides to help poor pathologically shy Harry and in doing so accidentally signs mankind’s death warrant. Finally, in ‘Cat Surfing’, a businessman is given a preview of man’s future destruction, but will he use this knowledge to prevent it? You can probably guess the answer

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