Short Story Writers Hangout.

The Official Short Story Author’s Hangout


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Hi! I’m Jay, aka @Lightning_Stryker on Wattpad and I’m the author of The Lost Boy Series (Peter, Pan, Neverland and counting) and also of ‘Heartbreak Hotline’.

I’ve been on Wattpad for 3+ years now, was inducted in the #OnceUponNow contest Top 25 with my book ‘Once Upon a City’, and am going to be a 3 time #WattpadBlockParty featured author. I’m hoping to be a Wattpad Featured Author in the future and hoping to finish a few books before the end of 2018! Nice to meet you all!


Hey, Jay! Welcome to the beta forums. :lumi:

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Luuuumi! Hi! :slight_smile:

What’s new with you? :lumi:

It’s been a while since we last talked.

Hello :slight_smile: I’m Sophie (@FetchingPenumbra on Wattpad) and I don’t have any short stories posted but I’ve written some tiny romantic one-shots here and there. :dreamcatcher:


Ikr! Just busy with life and trying to find time to write. You?

Heeeey! :wave:t2:

Hi :wave: What’s up?

Nothing much! I just updated a fanfic and found out that I’m finally ranking in the poetry tag! XD you?

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Lucky! I tagged my poetry but I’m not ranking in the tag :confused:

Working on a banner for a story I haven’t written yet

…the usual.

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Oooh that sounds creative! And I’m sure you’ll rank soon! The new ranking system is a little weird haha

I’m ranking #308 in poetrycollection but that’s about it. The other tags I’m ranking in don’t matter to me xD

That’s a really good start though!

probably because I don’t update it often

Relatable. Are you working on any big projects lately?

I’m enjoying what little I have of my summer break before classes start again.

Oh, that can happen sometimes. Especially with the new ranking system.

I’m working on some poetry and a fanfic. I’m going to pick up some other original works soon (hopefully).

I don’t like it the genres are messed up

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