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:girl: :boy: :iphone: Young Adult fiction involves anything where the protagonists are 13-19. :school: :house: :notebook:

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hearts don’t break around here
in which a bunch of students try to live their normal, everyday lives || a social media original story


Summary: This is a short story about a pool game between two rivals. One Night at Gents is set in the years before American prohibition. Tommy, the charismatic regular at the pool hall. As well as, Marvin the underdog. The object of their affection is Violet. Who will tonight at the pool hall “Gents?” Read to find out!


Wonderwall (n): Someone you find yourself thinking about all the time, someone you’re infatuated with.

A plastic turtle, a sports girl, summer camp, surfing and a cup of coffee all come together in these five romantic short stories about women empowerment.

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“This really brings me back to being a kid.” - TheDeadPlace

“There are so many things you can do with classical romance but this book CHANGES EVERYTHING. When I saw the synopsis, I was thinking “aaand another romance, there’s no way this is going through”. Wrong again! The author is so skilled at developing a story that I’m beginning to call it natural-born talent. When cliche. Is taken. On another level.” - Millie

“This book will inspire many romance novelists.” - Rachel


Nela is perplexed by the girl next door, whom she hears talking to herself every night. She sits on her rooftop and ponders the big and small, speaking to people that Nela has never heard of or known. Just by listening, she learns a lot about Diana.

One day, however, when Diana catches Nela eavesdropping, the listening is over and the speaking must begin.

I mean, it’s super gay. What more could you want? :wink:

Seven Days Of Spring
Stealing baby chicks wasn’t exactly on Rhea’s bucket list, but there’s a first time for everything. (completed)

Finn wasn’t a believer in love at first sight. He did believe in sweaty palms and a shaky voice at first sight however, and the two seemed to overlap.
(in progress)

Seven Days Of Spring is a collection of short stories that all take place in the same week. Will Rhea succeed at doing the right thing? Will Finn find love? Will Natalie’s art be enough? Last but not least; how do these stories overlap?

Sounds really cool!

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