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:girl: :boy: :iphone: Young Adult fiction involves anything where the protagonists are 13-19. :school: :house: :notebook:

If you happen to enjoy quirky, gay stories; obsess over cappuccinos :coffee:; think donuts​:doughnut::doughnut: seriously got game, and truly believe who you love shouldn’t be an issue, then this one is for you!

Meet Tobías Ríos, angsty, gay teen and his best friend Charlie Stevens, coolest pansexual girl on the planet :earth_americas: and dare discover why a lavender tee can turn tides and heal hearts.

Title: Seth Unseen
Genre: Young Adult
Seth Albright is so invisible to everyone at school that it might as well be his superpower. He’s content in his solitary life filled with comic books and sketching, but when a boy notices him he must consider stepping out of his comfort zone to see what reality is like.

(Mild language)

Story in progress.

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When Tully disappears on the night of the full moon, Kit hears his voice calling her name and has visions of him dying. But where is he? Time is running out and if Kit can’t find him, she won’t be able to save him.

Perfect for fans of Stranger Things, this short story has a Tumblr vibe and is set in Ireland in the 1990s.

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[Flash Fiction]
Ode to the Special Child:
No Prize this Year for the Ethically Gifted
Jeremy was a boy labeled by many as “special.” Few knew, however, just how special he really was.

This flash fiction (just 1000 words) is dedicated to all those in the world who have been judged or categorized as “special.” Special in the negative sense, that they may lack certain expected abilities. But it is a stigma unfairly given them by their own myopic societies–people limited themselves in perceiving phenomenal talents which we can truly call “special.”

This is the case of one such boy. It is a short tale with a huge message. That we should recognize and acknowledge our most essential talents—found often where we least expect them. Jeremy’s case is a lesson for all of us.

Read this Flash Fiction and pass it on to others.

The world needs more tolerance of diversity. And to learn to embrace and celebrate Emotional Intelligence:

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Hobson’s Choice - an excerpt

This chapter of my story ‘Hobson’s Choice’ has won inclusion in @The_Bookshop’s Summer Anthology 2019 as one of their favourites.
It’s a story about a teenage boy having no choice but to accept his new reality following an horrific accident. This chapter focusses on his inner turmoil.
Warning: some profane language.

[pə-ˈre-nē-əl]‣present, enduring, renewed.

Jonas has never been observant of his neighbors. Quite the contrary.
A male adult dealing with his problems daily, he fails to see a young girl going by Susan passing by his house every day, without fail.

Nothing seems to be odd about her actions, except for one thing: what is her deal with flowers?

The older gentleman always arrives a quarter past in his dusty suit smelling of tobacco and peppermint. Sui Lyn politely always takes the crinkled letter from him and reads it.
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I thank you in advance for taking the time to read my story if you so chose. This story is a work in progress, but will be updated regularly. Please offer feedback where possible on any aspect. This story has a little drama, romance, and action. If you would like to see it go in a certain direction, just let me know. You can read it here.


A young man leaves his rural home after graduation to go to a university in Miami accompanied only by is best friend and a dream. Once there, he lands a job at a club, but he gets more than he bargained for. Finding himself involved in the world of money, drugs, and organized crime, he struggles to escape before it’s too late.

Killian is a druggie barely surviving in an abandoned building, until he is confronted by a rough gang and his own descent to oblivion. Dark story.