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:girl: :boy: :iphone: Young Adult fiction involves anything where the protagonists are 13-19. :school: :house: :notebook:

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Title: Strange Little Boy
Length: about 3,500 words
Status: completed
Description: A three-part short story covering three different chapters of Tayโ€™s dark life. This is a standalone prologue book to a long-form teen series Iโ€™ve been working on for years. [WARNING: This story is rated Mature for dark and triggering themes; reader discretion is advised.]

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Seventeen short chapters, of Strina and her family. Joined with friends on an adventure to change their lives forever.

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My 500-word short-story (open letter) entry for the #PerfectDate contest! I hope you like it :slight_smile:

Meet @boynextdoor - an openly bisexual writer who canโ€™t stop writing about love in his column for the school paper and @closetedcynic a frequent reader and commenter on @boynextdoorโ€™s column.

They talk almost every day, clashing in the columnโ€™s comments over their differing views, until one day, @boynextdoor decides to suggest what all his other readers have been commenting for quite some time.

โ€œYou guys are sooooo cute!โ€

โ€œGo on a date already!!โ€

Read here:

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