Should I change my stories Genre?

I have been asking myself a few questions. In short I am writing a vampire story, but yet Old Vampires. And there is no glittering in the sunlight or romantic vampire boyfriends. So, would it make more sense to move it to the Horror Section? Even if it is a Vampire Story?

If anybody here has done a move like that, how did it work for them?

As far as I understand, the Vampire genre on Wattpad isn’t just for glittering vampire bad boy boyfriends. I think it’s just for stories that focus vampires - all vampires.

But I’m gonna tag @FireAlwaysReturns because she knows more of the genre than I do.

If the main focus is vampires, I think it would make sense to leave it in that genre. You could always add horror as a tag. If there are other paranormal creatures, you could even put it in and tag it vampires and horror.

I’d say tag it both, vampires and horror.

Yes, it is already tagged for multiple areas. With the new tagging system that actually makes sense. Wel new, improved tagging system. Of course I do need a better cover too and work on the blurb. And get the ball rolling in Share Your Story threads, once those show up.

But I do worry, in an area filled with bad boy vampires… does anybody even WANT a Vampire/Horror story?

Yes! There’s a movement for those! It’s small, but it’s here;

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They do. I find vampire and horror go hand in hand. Mine isn’t all gooey romance and it’s doing decent. Regardless, even if it is alongside those bad boy vampires stories, you should still mark your vampire story as vampire. I’m not sure opposing stories is a reason not to. People will still read it even though it’s horror.

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Thank you for that link :slight_smile:

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I almost had forgotten about VampiresWithBite. I have been eyeing that a few months ago. But then I didn’t have this story I am working on. Worth trying right!

If we want the non glittery vampires to survive we need to push for those other stories to rise.


@angelusanimi27 you’re very welcome! :smile:

@masticina I definitely agree with all of that! Gotta stick together, us non-glittering vampire authors :wink:


My two cents: I would leave it under Vampire, because the site might put it back there if you switch it to the Horror genre. Adding the horror tag would help it just the same :slight_smile:


Tag it both vamp/horror, as others said. A lot of other vampire stories edge towards the horror side, you just have to find them beneath all the crappy romances.


Thanks for the anwsers all, I definitely found SOME weaknesses I can fix, and I will. Hopefully that will push the story a bit further then where it lingers now. Also for the book club, I might change the title soon to something that has less then 10 000 other books with the same name.


Definitely keep it under vampire. Horror is more the sub-genre here, just like the romance and historical fiction are sub-genres in mine.

I do love a vampire with bite.

I ended up doing that, because while my MC is a vampire, it’s more about how society during the Occupy Walstreet movement is vastly different from even the 19th century style of Anarchism.

You might want to change your genre if … the present genre doesn’t adequately describe what you’re going for.

For me neither Science Fiction or Romance describes my work perfectly. (I’m one of those “love transcends the barriers of life and death” starcrossed types.")