Should I change my title?

There was once a wizard that held back the purple slime, employing the efforts of a once a future King. However, when the mission failed, the evil King applied the ultimate sanction. His groans echoing throughout legends, as rested down on the slab.

A collection of short stories that build toward a novella: a sky aristocrat’s trans daughter who fell from afar, a runaway mobster’s daughter who becomes a prostitute, and a young trans girl whose sister hung herself long ago. Together they form a family of unlikely friendship, but their bond shall be tested in a new form of virtual reality–dream space, where technology has evolved to the point where gaming is under the skin.

For Slephner, Ellen’s ex boyfriend, he was one of the first in this experiment. However through misusing the system his body began to degrade. He became greedy. Now Nadine, in an updated system, in danger of repeating the mistake.

Meanwhile, in Fairy land, Dantino knew what the ultimate consequence was for hanging, drawing, and quartering the King was. But he knew that the ultimate reward was untold riches and ages of reform for the poor people of Voreth’s Promise. But he knows, if they find him, they can apply the worst sanction beyond high treason.

Dantino didn’t want to be a living suit of armor.

I was wondering if I should change my novella title? If so I’m not really easily figuring out what would should be. The original vision of the work has changed several times for the last nine years I’ve been working on this book.

Uploaded Fairy doesn’t really work, as it’s not just a game they’re in. It’s an entirely artificial universe built from the genes of our own medieval history, with the only differences coming from fairies and elves evolving out of humans, with enough blending of elf genes with fairy genes that Elves are essentially extinct.

But it’s not really a game world, so much as a separate universe that sick minded politicians market as a LARP to trick gamers into committing “Farefolk Cleansing.” But it’s went into this weird direction I wasn’t expecting a LitRPG to really go into.

Lost daughters?
hmmm idk


I could try that.

what do you think tie the girls together?

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Makeshift family, orphan heritage, and something related to street rats.

Purgatory Girls.

Edit: Purgatory Theives

what does purgatory mean?

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In this context: Nadine is a fallen angel, a Satanic temple follower who fell from the sky. In this case, Purgatory represents the literal in between state of dying, and realizing how much one has to live for. In between death and the life, she lost everything. She in not even dead.

She meets other girls, who are in a similar situation. And they must adapt to this new life, while also avoiding Dream-Scanners, specialized spies, and adult lives despite being preteens. In a sense, an Oliveresque family, with more virtual reality.

Purgatory is the emergency table called life.

A new family, made in hell.

you have a well thought of explanation so that will work ^-^

I ended up going with:

L’Famillie De Purgatory Les Filles

I don’t know french ^^’

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Ooops, I always forget that. English is my first language, I should know better.:confused:

But if I move, I may abandoned English offline.

english is my second here it’s alright I tried to learn french before but failed

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With French I don’t have any … petty mental roadblocks like Spanish, which is … completely bizarre, because I would have thought it be Spanish that was easier.

taking some old words from a teacher “french is easier than english”


Yea, and it really is surprising how much of an understatement it is.

Spanish and French are amazing, but I’m really … kind of hating the English (language) these days.

Who knows, my final revision for L’Famillie De Perdu Purgatory Les Filles maybe to translate it into Spanish and French, and maybe Italian and Romanian. (By myself that is.)

But mainly not English.

ooh how many languages do you know?

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Right now just English and learning French. I’m wanting to learn bits of other Romance and Germanic as well. Mostly just to give life to this “Constructed” fantasy language I’ve been wanting to do.

Its core would be an asiatic language like Japanese, but if your poor its degraded into a Japanese-Germanic language, but if you’re reach, it’s evolved into a mostly Japanese language, that borrows heavily from the French language.

With each language having bi-lingual status in a “Japanese Mediterranean.”

Sort of like how Spain was invaded by the Arabs in the middle ages.

The problem with this book, is me paying homage to French things isn’t as obvious as it would later become in my later work. (Much later, in the “I can see the flaws in everything” stage.)

You want ‘fairies’ or ‘fairy’ in the title or did I misunderstand you?
New Fairies
The Fairies
Faeries (Old French for ‘fairies’).
Neos Fairy [New Fairy]
Grand Fairies
Grandfairy (new compound, as it were).
Fairy System

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