Should I do Paid Stories or Publishing?

Hi everybody!
So, I don’t have a paid story as of now (I don’t even know how that works, lol), but as I’ve seen so many Wattpad Paid Stories as of now in the homepage, I’ve got a question:

Is it better for me to publish a book physically (bookstores, ebook, etc.) or to have a WPS?

Also, for those who know how the Wattpad Paid Stories work, could you explain it, please! Thanks in advance! :))

I know @AWFrasier is in paid, and I don’t know if she’d be able to better explain it.

Personally, I’d try for paid since I personally think it’s an easier application process, and if you get rejected then try publishing. However, this is just from my own research and view point. Querying looks hard af from when I was looking into it. I’ve never applied to paid or queried to get published.

Someone else could probably better answer your question.

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There’s nothing “better” IMO. It depends on which kind of route you wanna take. Trad. publishing can’t really be compared to Paid or self publishing because it’s just different.

What do you mean with

You can read the FAQ on the @paidstories profile. But I don’t know what you mean specifically :sweat_smile:

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This seems better suited in #industry-insider so I’ll go ahead and move it for ya :smile:

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Ok I will, thank you!
And thanks as well for the favour of moving the topic around, mate :))

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