Should I post my whole novel all at once, or serialize it?


I’m a noob. I’ve read a few Wattpad books and I’ve just started posting my own novel. Still learning how everything works.

My novel has 40 chapters and is already complete. Is it better to post it all at once as a completed story, or serialize it, posting a couple of chapters a week? What gets the most reads and engagement?

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For Wattpad, post twice a week. Never, ever, post it all at once. This site relies on an algorithm, and to appease it, you have to update at least once a week and at most twice. Twice is the soft spot. If you post it all at once, you’ll only create a small flicker in the algorithm, and many people will miss you.

You may want to check out this thread. It’s quite detailed


So, Wattpad as a system that determines how you get up in ranks and featured and all that jazz.
Based on that system it is best to upload but not publish the whole thing at once. Release a chapter or 2 every week on a schedule so that readers know when to go read, comment, vote, etc. this triggers the system and keeps you near the top.
When you publish all at once then people might go and read it all in one afternoon with a couple comments but then not go back. So, when the system resets each week on read counts your reads end up really good for one week but crap the next which knocks you down in the lists.

Of course, you also can post in the share your story threads to try and keep interest up on top it all


Also, this thread is more fit for Improve Your Writing, as this is about Wattpad, and not publishing like self-pub or trad :slight_smile: Do you know how to move your thread? I can run you through it if you don’t


Thanks for the advice and the link to that thread. I really appreciate it.


Oops sorry. No I don’t know how to move it. Hmm, I’ll see if I can work it out.


Thanks - great tip on pre-loading the novel, and then releasing gradually.

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No problem. Everyone’s gotta learn :slight_smile: These forums have all sorts of nifty little tricks you need to know


No problem. I started doing that myself because there would be times where I was writing week by week and would forget to upload or whatever. SO, I changed my system and made sure I was always writing at least 5 chapters past my current release that way even if I got busy I could log in, Hit publish, and be done without making people wait and suffer. lol
It also allowed me to start new stories while people were still getting the first one killing a lot of stress and worry

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(Totally unrelated, but it’s great that this is on your site)



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If you publish it all at once people will read it in one go and be done with it. Post it a chapter at a time, twice a week will be fine. This way you’ll build an audience that will follow your work. Your novel will remain in other’s peoples minds for longer and so will your name as author. This way, when you post another novel it will also be easier to get readers to notice it.

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The second one. Just don’t post it, because when you get readers they will stay tuned and wait for updates.
Make a schedule.

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Agree with the cat’s opinion.

While people enjoy reading completed books, you build up and audience through update schedules.

You can post your book as complete in the blurb, so new reader’s are aware it isn’t going to be abandoned, but regular updates are important.

As you are doing this, start promoting. By that, I mean enter contests, hire review books, get some critics if you’re planning on doing some revising and want to get some pointers. Participate in your genre club. Also promote yourself in the threads. Be friendly, helpful and memorable. Get yourself out there. Keep an eye on the ‘story requests’ section and suggest your book when it fits the bill.

Be seen often and it a positive way.

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Serialize it. If you post it all at once readers will be less likely to read it because cliffhangers won’t be as suspenseful.

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Thanks for the advice. That’s what I was wondering about - reading how popular completed books are. But the consensus seems to be serialization is the way to go. Good idea to reassure readers that it is complete and so it won’t be abandoned.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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