Should I rename or make a new book?


When I started my current poetry collection I was writing mostly love poems with rhythm. After poem 6 or so, my poems turned to rap and now it’s solely rap. I changed the banner on the top of the rap poems, but they still seem out of place when compared to the previous poems, the cover, and the book’s description. Keeping a book with just six poems is not worth it. So, should I delete my current collection and make a new one with solely rap or rename the current one to somehow fit them all in? Could be quite the challenge :thinking:


I would lean toward starting a new book for your rap poems. That way it’s less confusing. As for keeping or deleting your current love poems book, what do you mean by “not worth it”? If you don’t like them, or you think it’s a waste of space sitting there in your list of works, then go ahead and delete it. I’d make a backup of it before doing so, however. As writers, sometimes we like to look at our old work.


By not worth it I mean that it’s far too short, a collection of just six poems. I may just save it on my drafts and post a new collection. Thank you!