Should I reveal who he is in my blurb? [Poll]

I’m in the middle of editing my blurb. Well, technically I’ve finished it, but there’s this one thing I’m still struggling with. My MC’s love interest is his professor, and I don’t know if I should reveal who his love interest really is. I’ve looked at other teacher - student stories and most of them reveal that one of the MCs is a professor in the blurbs, but I’m still not too sure. My MC discovers that his crush is his professor in chapter 3, so I don’t know if I’ll spoil it. What do you think?

  • Yes, reveal who he is.
  • No, don’t do it and let it be a mystery.

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I think the problem would be if you already tell beforehand who the crush is then everyone would be expecting them only to have them wait for 3 chapters.

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Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too. Because in most stories, they reveal who the love interest is right away in the first or second chapter at most.

So yeah I’d say to keep it a secret who the guy is, it’ll create suspense

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Neither way would be wrong. There are people who browse Wattpad specifically looking for teacher/student stories though, and you’d risk then clicking away if it’s not in your blurb. It’s totally fine to make a reader wait 3 chapters before reaching the ‘promise of the premise’. Surprise is important, but sometimes suspense is even better. Anticipation of the upcoming reveal could keep a reader hooked.

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Is the book a Romance specifically?

Or is the crush just a subplot?

Do you mention “professor” or “student-teacher” in the tags?

If it’s a Romance and they meet in Chapter 3 then you aren’t spoiling it, and you will probably lure more fans of the student-teacher trope if you mention it in the blurb.

Plus if you are tagging it with the terms, people are going to guess that’s the case anyway, so it wouldn’t be much of a spoiler.

But if the story is mainly about something else and the “crush” is only a smaller portion of the book, then leaving it out might be a nice surprise for readers to discover on the reading journey.


Yes, it’s a Romance book.

Yes, I did add the “teacher×student” tag. How come I forgot about it? I did add that tag and now I’m asking if I’m spoiling it face palm

The characters actually met in chapter 1, but my MC didn’t know it was his professor until chapter 3.

Thanks for your answer!

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