Should I Separate My Chapters?

Hi there, I’m Zeke! So, I need some opinions on whether or not I should separate my chapters. As in, cut some long chapters into two parts.

I’m aware that Wattpad readers, at least statistically, prefer shorter chapters. Somewhere along the lines of 1000 words to a max of 2000 words.

My chapters vary in size. The ones that around the 2000 zone, I’m not worried about. But certain chapters have reached up to mid 4000 words. And I would have separated them BUT, I feel as though the flow and pace would not be as smooth as it would be as one single chapter.

So here is the big question: should I separate the chapters even if it means that the flow is not as smooth or would it be okay to retain a long chapter for the sake of the good pace?

Honestly, this is not great advice, but I think it’s up to you.

Short chapters statistically do well, however, if your readers aren’t complaining and the story is enough to pull them through, I think they can hang through a long chapter.

If you’re seriously concerned you could split them and just adapt the pacing to match a split chapter, but honestly, it’s all up to you. I hope that helped :grimacing:

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Keep it the way it is.


There honestly is no right or wrong answer because it all differs on the reader and the content itself.

The only reason why many readers tend to complain about the length is because of how boring the story might be. If nothing is happening, if there’s no real point to the majority of the chapter, if you’re overly describing, then the reader won’t like it and therefore, complains.

But if it’s super interesting and there’s a lot going on that it keeps you on the edge of the seat, then it’ll make them not care about the length.

There are some readers who are very picky on the length, but you don’t see them as much because it’s a small percentage of people.

Overall, it comes down to what you think is best for the story. I wouldn’t worry about 4,000 words, to be honest. While yes, many people tend to write between the 1,000-2,000 word count, the majority of stories on here tend to be 2,000-5,000 words. When your chapter is over 5,000, then it may need to be split—depending.

But anything less? Not really.

If you really do want to split them to be on the safe side, then I recommend using “chapter one” and “chapter two” instead of doing “chapter one: part one” and “chapter one: part two” because it doesn’t flow as better.

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Just realized I’m in the minority with this! But this is what I did for my book which has been pretty successful on this site.

The majority of the chapters in my book are ~3000 - 4000 words, so I split them in half for Wattpad. I titled them “ONE.1” and “ONE.2” so people were aware that they were meant to be one chapter. But I think splitting them up made it a lot easier for Wattpad readers, because it gives them a good time to pause. In a physical book, you can stick in a book mark. On Wattpad, it’s nice to have the option for a break sooner.

I think if you look hard enough, most chapters have an okay spot to split them up. There were one or two in my book that I found I couldn’t split because it would be awkward, but readers seemed to be okay with those longer chapters since they tended to be chapters with more action.

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I would separate them by logic and flow, personally.

Is your story popular?

IF NO --> Do you feel like you want to do everything you can to help its chances?
IF YES --> Split the chapters & continue researching other ways to attract readers to it.

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Personally, as someone who’s smallest chapter in my current WIP is 3k, I would say dont sacrifice your pacing and post it as a whole. Or if you have to split it up, label it chapter ___ part 1, chapter ___ part 2

Hm, I see. I havent exactly been getting any actual negative response to the length of my chapters but there were some comments that pointed out something along the lines of ‘Wow, that was long!’

So of course, that would mean that the length is fairly noticeable… And I got worried lol.

I like the idea of that! For myself, I’ve always been somewhat restless and unable to focus reading Wattpad books for long.

I’ve had problems with this too! It’s whatever works best for the story, really. I try to keep my chapters short but I’ve seen plenty of books on Wattpad that are quite good, popular, and have long chapters.

The content is the most important thing. If you’re going to have a long chapter, then I’d say make it as best as it possibly can be. Readers won’t get bored if the story keeps them engaged. Hope this helps!

I would never break a chapter just to break it. Especially if the flow is disrupted. Usually there are places that you can cut a chapter in twain, but you have to be judicious about it and really make the transition mean something. Like, for example, when the pace of the narrative is about to change or when an important even that changes the tone occurs.

Good idea. Glad I read this.

I would stick to what you are doing. If the flow of your book dictates longer chapters then that’s what you should do. My chapters are between 3000 and 4000 words. I tried splitting them up and it just didn’t feel right. I was left with some chapters that were too short because it’s the only place I could break it up. I have found having scenes in a chapter is easier.
Eg: 1st scene *** to break it up, then next scene that could be a longer part *** then finally shorter scene that would be too short to be a standalone chapter. I hope that made sense.

Personally, I read on my phone and long chapters don’t bother me if the story is good. I actually find myself getting slightly disappointed when I read a chapter of only 1000 or so words because I am a fast reader. If I have to stop reading in a chapter, it’s not like my page is lost. The app remembers where you were last even when you switch devices.