Should wattpad writers stick to one genre only?

Here’s a topic for y’all.

Do you think it’s weird if a writer on wattpad writes different genres?

I’m not talking about things like writing action, and then writing a mystery, because they’re not too far apart. I’m talking about someone who writes fantasy and then writes teen fiction.
(I’m aware that certain subplots can mix two genres together, but I’m speaking of the case of main genres in a book.)

Of course, no genre is better than the other, but do you think most writers can pull that off, or they should just stick to one genre that they can specialize in?

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I don’t think it’s all that weird. I wouldn’t really have an opinion one way or the other on what genre the author writes.


No, I mean WP is all about writing what you want. On WP writers are hobbyists at the moment and should write what they love. I dabble in a ton of different genres! It’s all about testing the waters are writing what you what to be writing.


No, because I myself transitioned from Fantasy to Teen-fiction and now to Psychological Thriller and Mystery. Not everyone has a main genre that they work with. Some people (like me) dapple in a lot of different genres and it works out for them. So I don’t think writers should be restricted to one genre if they want to write more than that. Even Stephen King travels from genre to genre and does so successfully.


I love your view of it! Writing should be fun and unrestricted.


Exactly, and it helps you develop your writing in different genres as well.


XP even traditional writers, though they may use different pseudonyms, still can write in all different genres!

Writing first and foremost needs to be fun, enjoyable! It’s what makes this craft such a selective one. You have to push through everything in order to get better and you should be happy doing this; it isn’t for everyone, but for the people it is… take it!


As well as the fact that it’s nearly impossible for a writer to write one genre only for years without drifting into other genres - even if accidentally. It must be boring to keep on writing within the same limits of a genre.


I think writer’s should explore whatever they are passionate about.


Hey wittyglasses,

I personally believe that writing is a creative outlet that needs to be loved indiscriminately. This platform should be a place for improvement, criticism, and fun idea-sharing as well as a great resource for writers to share their ‘perfected’ work. All things are a work in progress, and are worth trying. Why not let a writer share a passionate erotica, and then suddenly do a non-fiction piece on social climates? Why not test all the things that we can do. And of course, if those around us don’t want to read it that is their loss.

Thank you for allowing me an opportunity to respond and debate this topic with you all.


I don’t think that’s weird at all! I mean, I’m just talking from my perspective, I can’t speak for every writer, but it is fun to dabble in a new genre and experiment, see if you can write a story for a new genre. Like I like to write adventure, feel-good type stories, but I found I can also write horror! It’s like being able to grow your range as a writer. I think if a writer does their best to understand the genre itself, they can probably pull it off alright.


NEVER! I have never stuck to just one genre with my reading. Why should my writing be any different. I’d get bored if I stuck to just one thing for too long.


Great response. A lot of people, including myself, have many interests that have nothing to do with each other. It’s definitely nice to show that in out writing.

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I think Wattpad is the place to explore many different genres, styles, etc.

Being a fully published author with a book for sale on Amazon is when an author can start to feel the squeeze of sticking to a certain genre. On Amazon and in bookstores, people are paying for stories. Before they buy a book, it helps when they see you write in the genre often, or have good reviews in that genre.

On Wattpad, stories are found more organically and the quality varies heavily, with more being poor than good. Which means as long as you develop a strong writing style, good plotting, and good characters, people will tend to gravitate towards you for skill versus just content.

I like that about the site. I don’t worry as much about my “brand” on here. I just write what I want!


That’s exactly it, brand.

I always stress about how people view my account or stories. I write a lot of things if I feel like it, but currently I just have a fanfiction out on WP. I am working on a original romance, but I am slightly worried about others’ perspective of the two genres. I guess this thread showed me there’s nothing to worry about!

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I know, right?? I mean, I love writing certain genres, but I don’t think I could write that one forever

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Believe it or not, I know some writers who don’t like to go out of a certain genre. I don’t know how, but I guess it has to do with each person’s creativity, abilities, and sometimes, confidence

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Wattpad is a GREAT place to practice other genres. You can be a full time fantasy writer in real life, but here on Wattpad, you can mess around with romance, or sci-fi, or whatever relaxes you. :slight_smile:

Sometimes you’ll discover you’re really good at a genre that you normally don’t touch. And you would never have known if you didn’t try.

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I’d say no because the majority of us are amateurs. The more we write, the better we become. Writing out of your comfort zone can help you with potential similar subplots within the standard genre you write.

I write mostly high fantasy but I’ve dabbled in a couple of straight up romance chick lits. It was hard because I’m really not good with romance even as a subplot, but I still don’t regret giving it a try and seeing how it will help me. Verdict is still out on if it does since the series I’m writing right now doesn’t have much of a romantic subplot at all.

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I can see that too, totally. It all just depends on the writer, really.