Shouldn't you be writing right now..?

I’m at work. But I will write when I get home.

I feel like this is a personal attack lol :joy: :joy: :joy:


Actually, I should be doing homework, which are two different things

You got this!!

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I still have customers in the hotline and backoffice work to do… and I’m still hanging around here which I am not supposed to…

Right?! I loved making the covers but now I’m not too sure if I’m feeling them :joy: but I need to stop worrying about them and get to writing haha. Which I’ve done more of but still haha
I don’t know how to explain how to make them haha I just put stuff together that reminds me of my characters or that would fit the vibe I guess

It was really good and I really liked it but I’m glad she’s going to publish it! It’s a good book let me know what you think if you decide to read it. I liked the movie back then but now looking back at it I’m just like what kind of mess was this??

Shouldn’t you be writing right now…?

Haven’t you heard of multitasking before? :wink:

I wish I could multi-task, but I’m lame pretty lame at it. Also Nice pfp. I hope they nail Season two cause the Manwa is epic

Now I would have the time to write, but honestly, I should be in bed by now.

How in the name of… whatever… was I able to manage this before? Oh, right, college…

For the first time ever I wrote nearly 2000 words so I think you helped me :)))


@happE-writer @Winterwritesstuff they helped me write too! Had the same results. That’s what this thread was for :blush::blush:


Oh my gosh!!! Yes!! So proud of you! I know it’s tough to write especially when you know in your mind how you want it to go but you’re just not sure how to put it in words but I’m so proud!! :grin: :tada:


It feels good to write!! I’m glad I saw this threat :heart:

Me too :joy:

I know that feeling you’re describing… story of my life…


Yes and no… I’m technically here to promote my new free book… but I’m actually interacting and having fun? Something must be off. :open_mouth:

The topic is totally correct… I should be writing now. I still have half a chapter to translate…

It’s such a struggle because in your mind you can see it playing out but once it’s time to write it out it gets tricky

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