show your drawings! (traditional, digitals, wips, etc)



hello fellow creative artists! :wilted_flower:

in this thread, you are free to share your artwork! receives responses, critiques, tutorials or questions about art- everything about art is here. i got too impatient waiting for someone to make a gorgeous thread to show your works so i made one myself (but less than gorgeous)

feel free to link up your art accounts from other sites, for examples; deviantart, tumblr, or paigeeworld, etc.

simply the few rules are for everyone to be respectful and be nice; people have their own styles, likes and are growing. do not discourage others over their own fun! do not post graphic designs, and the likes of it, you are only allowed to post drawings purely made by you.

before posting, make sure to comment on others’ artwork! (atleast two people who recently posted!)

have a great day!


Both are amazing!
Here’s a potato.


Your potato wins all the art.


Hahah… it’s so original!

Here’s my DA gallery: click here

I joined DA in April 2017.


Other than Wattpad I reside in DA or Wysp when it comes to my art stuff.


if anyone is interested. One of my latest projects is working on character refsheets for my story.


I’ve always loved how many extremely talented people there are here at Wattpad! Lovely work all. Has anyone used the app Procreate on IPad yet? I’m considerinf purchasing an iPad just for this app basically :joy:

I do photography, traditional art and digital art.
This is some of my digital art :blush: (my illustrating name is Vana Illustrations, hence the copyrights on the images)



A painting I did of a MC in one of my shorts.

Also Deviantart:


This is my attempt at a web comic. Wanting to get back into it.


Here’s one I did pretty recently of one of my main characters:

And there’s a request someone sent me the other day


you’re really talented.


thank you ! i did say the same for you xD felt you draw my potrait :thinking:


wow! your style is gorgeous (the feed is amazing) i especially love the flower and the blade, so creative!


webcomics are difficult! good luck ^^


i love your shading! ^v^ great works!


do anybody have tips to draw eyebrows in ‘written’ form? :disappointed_relieved:
i seem to always suck on eyebrows and they look really odd! either the tail is too long or it’s too dark;;
((thank god i use hair to cover the ugly brows)


so much great art in this thread! ^^ guess I’ll make a contribution, lol. uhhh here’s some Splatoon fanart I made recently:

oh dear, it’s actually quite large… idk how to resize images on here.

anyway, this is my dA. there’s not much on it yet since I only made it recently, but I’ll hopefully be putting up more soon:



i really love the way you color! the colors are vibrant and compliment each other well ^ ^


love the concept * q *


kim taehyung painting :wilted_flower:


finally finished this piece! i wouldn’t say i abandoned it, but it took me so long, and it’s definitely because of the eye. i realized i’ve been doing side profiles Σ(゜ロ゜;) but i want to study side profiles more so i’ll probably made it a series.

i added a new rule; please comment on other people’s work before posting

follow me!


aa, thank you! I love your portraits as well, the colors and shading are well-done and the painterly style is really nice ^^