show your drawings! (traditional, digitals, wips, etc)



Uploading this here, sorry I can’t make it small, I’m not quite sure how to. Some very wonderful pieces here! Lots of very talented artists in this thread and over in the fantasy one.


Random doodles on a doodle page. It’s stretched and idk how to fix it.


For Halloween why not dress a vampire up as a vampire? Costume inception…


That is adorable oh my god <3


Quick WIP of my battle scene, so messy ahaha


I’m not sure if I’m allowed to have my book title in my drawings, so I just took it out in this one lol



Nice! His expression kind of reminds me of Rick. Lol.
Here’s my most recent art. It’s a study. I use photoshop for this.


Wow! Your art is realistic and the shading/colour is so on point. I can never do digital or realistic drawing. I must say you are talented!

Btw I recently made an art acc on IG @pzyue. Feel free to check it out!


im just trying to learn how to do profile faces


:sob: do you do arts requests? I have a character I want to be drawn :sob:


did you use an app drawing this? or was this hand scribbled? It is very nice :heart_eyes:


Unfinished Kaneki digital piece (sad I never finished this one)
Jibril from No Game No Life
Batman traditional pencil sketch

I rarely ever do OC’s but I need to start…

Kaneki Jibril Batman


thank you! I use deviant muro for all my online digital stuff!


Unfortunately, no. I actually accepted art request a few weeks ago but I’ve closed it. Lol.


Here’s a current WIP. It’s very incomplete


OMG this is amazing! I followed you on Instagram! ;D

I shall post a drawing…once it’s finished


I love looking at art more than creating it…so I love this thread. Real quick I’ll add this WIP pencil sketch of the protag of my new novel!
(I’m going to have an artist do sketches of my characters instead because I’m not big on my style)


A modernist house on the suburban fringes of the capital city of my world.


I made a new cover for one of my books. Finally had the time to work on it, lol.


I did my second digital painting today, and I feel like it turned out okay! I could’ve done better, but I got lazy towards the end lol

(also, how is everyone here so talented? please share some talent, I need it)