show your drawings! (traditional, digitals, wips, etc)



Cool! Is that your puppy?


i like the style


“You can call me Lucy~…”

I LOVE everyone’s art on this thread! Each piece is so unique and different in style! :heart:


How sharp is that tooth?? :slight_smile:


Current WIP. I’ve never tried like this before, always just drawn toons :slight_smile: feedback is welcomed!!


The art here is awesome! :sunglasses:Here’s a character of mine… Nix Vespers.


These were a lot of work. Done on paper, then in Flash.


major intersection.


@jettmanas Love the little hooded guy. Looks like the kind of character that wants to be evil but is actually a sweetheart in nature :slight_smile:

@golfballshifter Wow, that looks complicated, there are so many little details :slight_smile: (It also makes me thankful of roundabouts here in the UK. Don’t think I could deal with all of this traffic.)

Figured i’d keep things ticking over here with an update of my current project. The background is my reference, or at least how I usually draw. I wanna see more art!!


Oh my goodness!!! This sketch is amazing!! so talented!


I love the realistic feeling that you are putting in the character :slight_smile:


Hello~ Been on a hiatus for awhile but back for more arts :slight_smile:

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@Magicstudy I love your watercolour! I used to paint with watercolour but I misplaced my palette and I refuse to buy another!

I got bored so I thought I’d practise a bit with colour, I’m calling him… Solace…


Great digital painting!!

lol I can understand. I almost lost my watercolor palette several times, but somehow (don’t exactly know how) always end up finding it again :wink:


I feel like I haven’t drawn in such a long time (at least for fun) Like, I’ve done other drawings, but they’re for a specific project.

This one’s at least a few years old, and just crayola colored pencils


love the concept! it’s very creative!


Thank you :relaxed:


I’m not the biggest fan of working with new systems but I had to since the old one wasn’t doing great but I think this page turned out fairly decent

fun fact: butterflies eat corpses too.


That looks wicked!!


This is my drawing for my story!

Director Survis