show your drawings! (traditional, digitals, wips, etc)



I’m not good at drawing figures like all the amazing people in this thread. I draw objects once in a while. Here’s my sad attempt at a watercolor piece. it’s too opaque


That’s better than mine XD!


nah, you can actually represent figures and make sense. I can’t.


art doesn’t have to represent figures and your art looks beautiful.


Thanks for that!


Mine is still not in your level.


I think yours are lovely.




Thank you! And I think your is very interesting character art. We all start somewhere :slight_smile:


I guess that’s true.


It’s very true ^^’ I should post a picture of some of my old art to show comparisons ^^’


Whoa, this looks so cool! The butterfly is so pretty.


I don’t really know much about painting, but I think this looks super cool! I really like the way the clouds are painted.


These are actually from a drawing a finished a while ago, but I liked the hands more than the rest of the piece, so I decided just to post those, haha. Excuse the arrows because I kind of just screen-shotted them from my instagram.


I am not worthy!!!


Your drawings are so good though!!! I’m not that good at drawing full-body characters, so I tend to just focus on small things, like faces or hands :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


At least you make it realistic, mine looks nothing in your level.


I did art. Not good art, but art. The characters are all local gods from a story I’m working on (I didn’t know what they were gonna wear, hence the censored nips)


I have a bunch of art to finish, but here’s the working concept for a piece I’m doing for my finals (this is also my original character Scuttle)


And I did this one a day or two ago of my Clone Trooper OC Creed after finishing a battle on his home-world.


Woah, that’s for real legit! It looks professional