show your drawings! (traditional, digitals, wips, etc)



Thank you! I like the realistic style you have for yours ^^ although personally I could never keep that up for a comic


Been a while since I drew anything but here’s a (finally) finished (sketch) commission for a friend here on WP!


Omg so pretty :heart:


I don’t have a name for him yet.


Christmas card for a dressmaker friend.


That’s awesome, I love it. Snow is always a tricky thing to depict, but you’ve done fantastic.


Hey everyone :3 I’m making this. I consier it safe for the forums as theres no nudity on it. She looks a bit sausagey right now, my process is weird. I blurred it just in case. Nudey lady, but no nudity as such.

@LadyofthePond That is one heccin’ cute picture. I love the robin!
@1213NR That’s really interesting! I love the design~ What inspires you??


I was trying to come up with my own fictional demon for my paranormal story. So I watch Yami shibai it’s an ghost stories anime, which most of the creatures gave me inspiration.


Ohhh that’s awesome! I gotta watch more anime lol


What about you? Where did you get your inspiration from?


Mainly video games lol. This is a character I’ve been drawing for around 6 years >.<


this is so cute! I’m sure she’ll love it :blush:


Honestly I like art where people do it digitally because I have no idea how to draw there.


I love this… the skin is so detailed, its like I can feel it


This is my art. I painted it recently. I usually use watercolours, but I tried acrylics for the first time


That is amazing!!!


ah shiet up close you can see all the mistakes :scream:


why thank you :sweat_smile:


I’m just glad I managed to make the hands look like hands


Trust me yours is better than mine.