show your drawings! (traditional, digitals, wips, etc)



Thank so much!! I was never able to do anime but you have a really good rasp of it :slight_smile:strong text


I know some of it can be trippy, but I love the shadows ^^ and the kid’s dork face.



Here’s some stuff that isn’t absolutely atrocious, at least…


Hi! You’re really talented, I love your style.

By the way, you can resize pics by adjusting the numbers (circled in blue)
I usually divide the numbers in half


Those look really nice! How long did it take you to make those?


These are some pieces that I made for my book:

Sorry the camera’s bad😬


I’ve finally had time to do some more doodling, and this is something I’ve been doing on and off.


This is just ur doodles?! My doodles are stick figures


ohhhh I’m in love with those clouds :heart_eyes:


Thank you!


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I accidentally drew my character, Angel Oakenson…been trying for years, guess she wanted to come into the new year


Hey girly, I think you got talent I’m rooting for you!


Everyone on this thread has beautiful artwork, I’m hoping to gain some sort of artistic talent with attempting to draw everyday this year. Oh goody me. Good job everyone!


at least 5 or so years of art classes (been having at least one art class every year since 6th grade, I’m in 11th now, haven’t had one this year and I’m not holding my breath for one, so I opened an art thread in the hopes of getting requests and using that as my art class)


I really like this thread and I am so glad I found more people who draw on this site. Love the art so far! :heart:
I was really shy to post my art on this thrade, but I will give it a try. ^^ (the drawing ar also posted on my wattpad, just to say in case if something goes wrong here)

It’s a old piece, I censored it on the parts that needed to be hidden.
(this drawing is made in Krita, when I tested it first and the drawing is not finised)


And this is a new drawing I did on the 31 december.
(this is in Photoshop)



I really like your second drawing.


just finished this one! The character design belongs to keely.elle on Instagram and was part of her redraw event :slight_smile:


Wow! Amazing! The details are cool, the jewelry, the plaid (that’s a hard pattern, no? ) and black clothes, and green hair! wow!


Thank you! I can’t take credit for the design, only the painting in my style! The original is by Keely.elle on Instagram and was part of her redraw event (

I don’t draw fabric often, so I was super proud of the plaid, since it was my first time drawing it!


Awesome! You used watercolor, I assume?