show your drawings! (traditional, digitals, wips, etc)



That’s so cool!

psst… I kind of like yours better :wink:


She is the landlord and Seer of the “Absinthe” apartment building from Earth X.


thank you! :blush:


It looks very nice, I like her hair and skin details.


Yep! Winsor & Newton user here. :slight_smile:


It’s no exactly a drawing, but I drew the designs and painted it so hope that counts. So basically this is an old pot that I used for a school project. I removed all the embellishments that my 14 year old self had put on and repainted it and drew the designs on with a white paint pen.

A long time after getting charcoal sticks I tried something. First time using charcoal sticks, anyone have any advice?


I don’t have any immediate tips for the charcoal drawing, but if you want to ask something or need tips for a specific area, then I might be able to help. But you didn’t really give any input on what exactly you were trying to do, so it’s a little hard to help. :sweat_smile:
However, if you want to get into charcoal drawing, I’m actually working on a charcoal YouTube tutorial series, to help kick off my art YouTube channel. I could let you know when I release one of those videos, if you wish. :upside_down_face:


Well my basic understanding is that it works with strokes and smudges. I tried smudging and it’s difficult to control the shade, plus I think I’m using the wrong paper. Everything I’ve seen is very complicated and life like drawings. So kind of intimidated by the medium :sweat_smile: I also heard artists erase parts out, don’t know how that works.

And those videos would be nice, do share a link when you upload!


I don’t know what happened, but I think I had one of those special drawing days :joy::joy:


Wow just wow.


Doodling a precious character from my novel.



Just something I draw out of the blew.


wow that looks really good!


Lovely style!


Love these characters!


Went overboard with my photography/edits, but I love the outcome.


Followed you on dA… your art style is so cute. I love it!


Every piece I see that you’ve done, you improve so much. This is great, your highlights are to die for :black_heart:


Wauw that’s gorgeous!


I really like the colors you used in that. Is it watercolor?