show your drawings! (traditional, digitals, wips, etc)



Thank you :blush:


Those are both really good. Portraits can be a real pain in the butt.


These are all pencil drawings. I used everything from a 2H pencil to an 8B pencil. They are all about 5 inches by 8 inches or so. The cherry drawing is a little bigger.


Thanks xx :slight_smile:


Yep! Winsor and Newton watercolour :heart:


I am terrible at watercolors. I just don’t have the knack for them.


here is mine:

saved this one in my deviantart page too.


Nice hair!
I like the movement too.


um thx, i’m not really that confident about my work tbh


Add a couple more details to his jacket. It’ll stand out more. Otherwise I like it.


I get that. But for the record I think it’s cool. For there are many aspects in there that I think are difficult, but you’ve executed them well. Like side profiles, over the shoulder, hair texture, the blue effects,the overall simplicity. Well done.


actually, that’s his cloak. he’s a mage (sorry :confounded:)


So much cool art on here!


I’m a realism portrait artist.

This is my most recent finish commission:





And small sketch I’m doing bc I’m just a little obsessed with the show Harlots.

The quality of the middle picture is the best quality lol.


Cloak then lol. That might make it more obvious. :+1:


I seriously hate you right now… My style doesn’t lend itself to realism like that…


How long have you been at it?


A long time but it’s been on and off. I just moved to a bigger house to I was able to pull out the ol’ art supplies again. I found a nice drawing I did back in 1996. I need to take a new picture of it… not to mention I need to frame the sucker.



I haven’t updated my deviantart in ages.