show your drawings! (traditional, digitals, wips, etc)



Holy cow! That’s just fantastic, I love the watercolor-ish look. Also love that you draw a range of women’s body shapes. The cattle skull with arrows and roses is absolutely beautiful.

If that handsome trio on top of the microbus dent the roof, I’m going to freak out.


Now instead of poorly drawing Sailor Moon fan art it’s a plethora of poorly drawn anthro art. I miss the Sailor Moon days lol…


The same reference drawn three years apart:

33%20PM 55%20PM


I like them both.

This is probably the one I am most proud of. I sent it to my nephew as a wedding gift.


That’s so cool!


Thanks it took something like 16 hours and about a can and a half of rubber cement along with a couple of x-acto knife blades.


Wooooah you can really tell the difference! Like the first one is cool, but the second one- I feel like if I reach out and touch it, it’ll be real.

And then I’ll get a formally dressed man giving me a weird look because I’m touching his face XD


He might enjoy it. :grin:


Here is another quick drawing I finished this morning.


Here’s a couple of pictures I drew when I was a teenager and decided it would be a great idea to take LSD.

PS: Definitely don’t touch that anymore.


I remember in middle school the don’t do drugs campaign and they were talking about LSD. It was one of those talking slide shows and the one line I remember was this guy tripping on acid going…

“That dog is barking daisies at me!”


Ahhhhhh looks amazing!


I love her expression!!!


I feel like the second one has more emotion? (feeling?) lol can’t find the right word rn and so realistic too!!! I envy people who know how to draw portraits~ That’s one thing that I majorly struggled in


absentminded_artist those are gorgeous omo & your shading really became slicker in those 3 years
gllaurich wow that looks epic :wheart:
Anim3mez that looks pretty damn abstract dude

when i feel hardworking

when i don’t


Very nice, both of them.


Here is a sketch I did recently of Miles Morales and Gwen from Into the Spider-Verse! :slight_smile:


to be added as a digital drawing in my book soon (hopefully)



me pudgy hands


this is one thing i need to improve (i hate drawing hands)