show your drawings! (traditional, digitals, wips, etc)



I did another progress gif!



ahhh so good~ I always have trouble drawing hands. Right now, they are a bloob in most of my drawings~


Been obsessed with kiwi lately~~~~ Here’s some quick doodles of them

IMG_5553 IMG_5558


soooo cute


Thank youuuu :3


I am constantly in awe of your work


:blush: :heart: thank you :blush:


My life. It’s complete.


I started working on a story for no reason besides procrastination but I decided to draw my main characters anyway to procrastinate MORE:

Hiding them in drop downs to keep them intact...

Also, the photo makes it look like he’s white, but he’s Latino.

The threads love to smush my images.

Kalter, the main character, looks very tired because I imagined this drawing to be at the end of the plot when she escapes from her kidnapper (who was the one who lopped off half of her hair). Artemio’s her love interest, the one who kept looking for her when she got abducted, and also my son (as in I love him, not as in he’s actually based off of someone related to me).


this needs a kiwi story (for kids)!


Hahahaha~ kiwi are way too underrated xD


lol~ Maybe in the future :wink:


I have concepts for the characters from my current story. I plan to adapt it into a comic book when I’m done writing.



wow! i really love your style, that pencil-ish look works really great!


Your style is so cool! I love the way you draw the hair, and the eyes on both of those drawings are so awesome!

@ZachsAnomaiy I love the detail you put into the character’ outfit! It looks so cool and the clean lines are so nice!

@Magicstudy oh my god those are absolutely adorable! I’d love to see that as a comic or animated short!

Because all I draw in class is stilllife, I drew some other fun stuffs


This might sound odd, but I’m in love with the way you draw your noses. They’re so cute!!


I realized I hadn’t posted this here yet!

Freja, from the book I’m currently writing.


I love the textures in your colors!!


Awesome details! Especially in the hair and fur! :star_struck:


Two characters from my Vampire novel.
Gaius is a 2000 yr-old teen from ancient Rome. He’s the MMC’s maker and incredibly immature. He texts everyone in his clan over and over until they give him attention.
And here’s the MMC. Matteo. He was turned in the mid-1600’s. Nothing much is known about who he was before he turned into a vampire. He has a nasty smoking habit and is obsessed with the wild west.