show your drawings! (traditional, digitals, wips, etc)



i love drawing side profiles because i get to draw noses lol (i love drawing round noses haha)


I find her eyes incredibly striking, like matches burning white hot! I’m wondering, is this for a book cover?

Here’s mine:

Slightly older, rough character sketch from a short story I’m editing.


it’s been sooooooooo many years since i posted here but also awhile since i draw! painting is fun and i love the way it turns out but lately it’s been getting harder and frustates the poop out of me :// i tried drawing unrealistically for the first time since years and used my phone to draw it! my drawing roots used to draw with medibang and my fat fingers lol, and i prefer drawing in this style because it’s more sytlized and i dont like how real my painting is.

but i like how it turns out ^^

give it a lil rt if u can ^^


He kinds of reminds me of one of those pop stars! :stuck_out_tongue:


Saw the Sharksaw-the-shark_5c5e58f95f9318_02110293_27069_1_4


he is haha XD he’s jungkook from bts!


I did a new cover for my book, I like it a lot. Hopefully its not too much of an eyesore.



random but i remember those pencils where it has like cute designs on it and i used to buy a lot of those XD good times haha


felt like the lastest piece was done days ago but i just realize it was yesterday LOL ;;
anyway here’s another! yes, same muse, idk why but i just love putting jungkook in hair colors
he never worn before :))))