show your drawings! (traditional, digitals, wips, etc)



I’m glad I’m improving! I want to start taking commissions at some point, so I’m trying to get to a point where I’m happy enough with my work to advertise.


You’re getting there :muscle: What helps me the most is just looking at other artists. Seriously, after stalking people on Twitter I feel like I’ve improved massively.


Yeah. I absolutely adore these art threads as well. Its so fun seeing what everyone is getting up to.


Right? Oh which reminds me… I haven’t updated in a while :joy:

I’m trying out different styles and I really enjoyed working in this one.



OOooooo! That’s so dramatic looking, I love it!


Thank you! I just wanted to see if I could draw super smooth skin and not do the usual textures I’ve been relying on for a while.

Also, I got massively inspired by this one post on how to draw highlights on dark skin and it changed my entire perspective on it. I love when you read or see something and you feel that * click * and suddenly you just get something.


It looks really good with the new techniques. Although I think all of your art is fantastic



And you know I’m a massive fan of yours :heart:


Mutual art fans!


Art-pals! :muscle:






Hey there!




I draw traditionally and I got a few pictures to show






Thanks! I draw cute characters


Here’s another one



Looking good!