show your drawings! (traditional, digitals, wips, etc)



Yeah but those are good too.


Meh. Neither are the best because I got the sizing of the bottom one wrong


Finished my work in progress! His name is Alexander Voltairy :blush:


Is that a stake?? I love him!


It is :smile: I’m calling it a ‘cane-stake’!


Wow, I love his look.


Thank you :blush:


He look so sassy, I like it!


Younger Alexander is sassy, older Alexander is moody :smile:


I finished up my WIP!


It went surprisingly well and anatomically correct for a pose and a person I didn’t use a reference picture for…

But then it’s such a basic pose.




A book character who ended up looking a bit like zayn malik bcs golden ratio + long lashes = him, apparently o.o


woah that’s detailed and awesome. would have taken me a lifetime


lowkey a little proud of these bc i’m not too great with color.

(my sketch looks of the second one looks much cooler i think)

this thread is cool.


These are so cool. Are they original characters of yours?


I finished this a couple of days ago. Kind of doing a lot of light studies right now.


Woow! Cool arm! And the fabric of her shirt is on point.


Thank you so much :smile:


Thanks! I see your art around a lot, it is cool too. I think your light studies are going well. (And you are so nice and encouraging)
They are from a story I wrote on here but have now privated to edit, the ants that carried us. It’s been slow bc I’d rather draw and mess around on here though, haha.