show your drawings! (traditional, digitals, wips, etc)



I really like it!


Yea sick (in a good way) and creative crown


Thank you :sob: :heart:

I really like your concept design. Like the giant ostrich is super cute and your costume designs are so cool. I’d read the story just based on these. It looks super cool!


Thanks XD! My hand was rebelling all the way :joy:.


Here’s the complete character concept art all the main and secondary characters from one of my books! Enjoy :blush:


Love them all! I love how all have an individual and personal style too. :ok_hand:


Thank you! :heart:


Gosh I love seeing arts in this thread~ Here’s a recent drawing of my character.

And behold, here’s the version where I tried to add a background.

I also drew my guy character but since I rarely draw guy, it’s quite a failure…

I’m planning to (maybe) open an art thread soon, just a heads up~ わからない


love all the different outfits. and, hey, firealpaca ftw


I love FireAlpaca its so easy to use and its free!


Too much talent, it’s blindinggggg


i made a gif! finally getting around to writing this character after a year of having the image of her

asdfsd [thecarto%20copy|800x692]=


Junior (South African orca) and Aqua (American dolphin)



Hi, you are most welcome to share your artwork, but external links are not allowed, so i had to remove your post. It is very easy to upload your art, just click on the little icon on top of the post.

Thank you for your understanding

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THANK YOU!! :two_hearts:


Tried doing a character in age art prompt of my baby in pencil, it’s weird to see your own child age before you do :woozy_face: I was kinda reluctant to draw the last one lol Btw, anyone here who’s taking up traditional animation?



Okay so I took a leap of faith and tried digital art for the first time. Spoiler, it’s hard!!! :see_no_evil: but here are my bebes in all their glory :heart_eyes:


smudge the edges between the background and the person a bit, a smoll gaussian blur to the background, and a low opacity grunge layer on top of the whole thing (noise, dust, particles, texture ect.) - quick trick to making it more realistic.

and then for more realism, add in interesting lighting.


I finally got around to attempting realism and coloring with hard textured brushes >~<

it’s still only semi-realistic - I forgot to erase the outlines from the hair o.o I still need to figure out lighting, values, coloring, proper anatomy and pretty much everything else cx

original sketch:

at least it seems like I improved a bit from a few weeks ago when I did the sketch, I guess