show your drawings! (traditional, digitals, wips, etc)



Thank you!!! I’ll definitely have to try that tomorrow! Right now it’s way too late for me to still be up :joy:


This looks utterly amazing~ She’s so pretty in both sketch and colour. :heart:


Oh wow, I didn’t know you paint too, they look nice :heart_eyes:


Thank you Kishyie!!! Usually I just stick to colored pencils. This was me just fooling around on procreate and seeing what I could do! :blush: Nothing like your water coloring!!


Aw thank you! Well at least you got something done while ‘fooling around’.
I also actually did digital art too back in university days before I married watercolor lol


This was a fan art I did way back 2015 from being a mere grayscale into colored.


fffff I really like this one! Silver hair and silver eyes ftw!


I finished another piece recently, so I thought HECK I’ll post it on that thread! Here he is~!!


Sidenote: it’s an improvement thing I like to do sometimes.


wow that’s amazing :o

you’ve been drawing for over ten years?


thanks! and yep! I’ve been drawing seriously for…mathnoises about 15 years. :slight_smile:


Ah so what kind of elf guy/girl is that person? The white hair is absolutely gorgeous though.

Here is a more current one:

I’m still trying to refine my style, is I have difficult drawing consistent characters.90

Here we go, found the one I meant to add. Same character.


It takes lots of practice. I like that you’re trying dynamic poses though! And I just say space elf, as there was never any real plan for him. (And ye gods I have always struggled so hard with painting hair digitally. It’s a challenge and a half!)


They’re pretty good. Are they characters from your story or someone else’s?


It’s Nadine at different points in her life: One is before she became a cyborg, the other is one when she is around 23 (the taller one) drawn as if she never became a Cyborg. But she’s featured in my Isekai/Vampire Romance/Information Broking/Metaphysical/Post Apocalyptic/Medieval Fantasy near novel.


Here the three protagonist of my novel “Ashes of the Phoenix - The Fade”.




A painting I’ve done today in a painting class.


Current WIP :slight_smile:


This is a WIP cover I’m making for myself.



This is Shaw, “The Dark One” :smiley: