show your drawings! (traditional, digitals, wips, etc)



And This is Wiz, “The trickster” :smiley:


Here’s a trad piece that I did for my friend. It’s of his DnD character, Lucius.


Them colours! Also, love that witch doctor mask! :ok:


Thank you! I’ve got a set of grey scale markers and I absolutely love the colour pallete they give (I may have also bought myself a new sets of autumnal colours recently).


I’m so super jelly. I keep thinking about buying some but I never get around to it.

Which brand are you using?


a doodle for my story the girl that fell from the sky, they tend to help me plan out my next chapters.


They’re faber-Castell PITT artist pens. I managed to get them on amazon while they were discounted.


Faber-Castell is my SHIT! I am so gonna look into those. (Like I have all of the sizes in their black pens. I love them so much)

@Stewpidley I love the sassy way to sit on that donkey! It’s looking great :ok_hand:


I love it! I really like the guy’s pose


I know right! I love their products. I’ve been doing more traditional pieces recently, and the markers add a lot of interest.


I’m doing a tonne of trad. work for my degree and seriously… All I use is faber-castell. They’re just amazing. I love them. And I love buying them :joy: Probably a little too much tbh.


oh wow thank you i didnt expect to get a response :smiley:


If I wasn’t a poor student, I’d spend so much on faber-castell


I’d buy that to-die-for suitcase filled with colour pencils


God, yes. Whenever I go into an art supply shop, I swear I end up spending far too much.


I’ve had to ban myself from them :joy: I always end up just buying too much shit. But… Art supplies and office stationary is where my shoppaholism comes out.


At least in book shops they don’t usually stock that many fantasy books, so I’m limited a little, but an art shop is just a den of temptation.


Oh god yeah. One day we’ll be super rich and we’ll buy all the nice expensive stuff!


Hello everybody


I dream of the day!