show your drawings! (traditional, digitals, wips, etc)





I got some pictures to show to you all


They’re characters from my story Patient #6


The “sick” patients


I feel like I want to illustrate my story


do it !


tangent on expensive pens and stuff - or you’ll be like me and be forced to buy specific brands for college (which is literally the worst because of poor college students but also you get to play with things)

thanks art school now I’m in debt and broke ahhhhh

I mean at least you improve like crazzyyyyyy


Wait, your art school forces you to buy specific brands? What the hell? Mine never gave two shits about what brands we used for anything.


I can imagine that getting very expensive very quickly! Fortunately Biochem degrees supply the equipment. (The tuition is just a bitch)


I wanted to take an art class when I got into college, but my high school art teacher warned me away. She said her daughter had went for art and some of the stuff the class required was crazy expensive - and they weren’t things she needed otherwise.


I need to find good pencils somewhere. I haven’t “real” drawn in so long.


Aww, thank you


current WIP…not sure if i’ll finish this one. hope everyone is doing good!



Omg yas! I love the Dragon Prince! It’s beautiful


Crazy doctor and nurses


@AWFrasier WEll, it’s a full art college, so we need to use good brands because that impacts the product. Like I had to buy oil pastels and they were 3$ a pop but it pays off for how well they work (couldn’t use caran d’ache, had to use sennniler) We have to have good paper, which is2-6$ a piece, paint, brushes, etc for classes and then a lot of us (like me) paint on the side apart from our classes and majors as stress relief or hobby which is also expensive so it just piles up ya know.
It’s very dependent on the professor, but materials are usually around 50$ a class give take. But yeah idk how normal art classes in normal colleges work but we’re fancy I guess lol

@HEEdwards dude our tuition is killer awful but I got a job where I get a massive scholarship so I don’t have to pay back as much as others would which is nice on the tuition front (but still like 60 thousand a year which is oof)

@peachylost well I mean I don’t know how art classes work in normal colleges but I’m going for animation so like it’s all art classes. And yeah, wait until you do your projects to buy the stuff is a good plan because some professors forget to change their syllabus and stuff, but it’s usually our foundations classes (drawing I, 3d design, etc) that kill the wallet. With animation, yeah the paper is pricey as heck, but when you get digital it’s that one time purchase of your tablet so later years shouldn’t be that bad for me in terms of killing the wallet. Also Derwent graphite pencils are great, prisma is great for colour :slight_smile:


I mean, I go to art school - I’m not taking art classes at college, lol. I’m doing my BA (HON) but our teachers have never said we had to buy specific things. We do have an on campus shop where we can buy stuff, but if we can get it cheaper or better somewhere else, then we’re free to do that :woman_shrugging:

Sounds odd you’re not allowed to determine which materials you wanna use.


Ooof that is an awful lot! Fortunately in the UK the loaning system isn’t too bad, its just like adding an extra bit of tax for the next 30 years.


Like we have specific projects in drawing where we do still lives with specific colours, so we learn techniques and all that jazz, and we of course can buy it from wherever, but some professors are specific on brand
Like my design professor doesn’t care what we use for paint in our sculpture but we gotta use a brand of sculpy so it works well, and we have freedom in the designs of stuff, after approval. We just get a lot more freedom on projects depending on the class, professor, etc etc. It’s all for the purposes of learning the rules and then we can break them (if that makes sense?). And everyone is at completely different levels so some people can’t draw a sphere and some people can draw the most elaborate things in the world. It’s liek with any assignment; you have requirements to hit, and then you can do whatever as long as it’s okay with the professor (it sounds weird but I guess makes more sense when you’re actually in it ya know?)

@HEEdwards yeah thank the US for student loans killing everyone (but that’s a problem for another day because oof)


Yeah. I’ve heard some horror stories about the U.S. system.