show your drawings! (traditional, digitals, wips, etc)



Hello everyone! I’m Sheila, an Indonesian fellow. Nice to meet you all, dear Artists!

I use DA to stored up my old traditional arts, I rarely post new arts on DA. I’m more active on Instagram

Right now, I’m new to digital arts and I want to keep practicing drawing with my wacom tablet. Color theory, perspectives, human anatomy and poses, how to set brushes, ect. Phew~! Digital art is hard :sweat_smile:

Hope you guys having a nice day!


Thank you! :heart:


No Probs. ^^


Hi there,

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Community Ambassador in training.


Pompy in alternate outfit



last one i promise lol :smiley:


It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, so here you go! :smile:


I will remove if too nsfw, it’s censored, though. A lil wip. My first drawing of the year…


I recently just got back into art a week ago. :smiley: Still a w.i.p and I’m gonna make some digital changes on Clip Studio Paint later on when I have free time.


She’s so prettyyyyyy


Thank you! :smile:


Close up of my very first digital piece. Still getting the hang of non-traditional styles and methods.


That looks so great! I love it!


Thank you! <3 It’s definitely a first time kinda piece, but I think it’s decent.


<3 <3 <3


you weren’t supposed to see this but hello yes thanks



bonus crappy mr. robot sketch lol


This isn’t serious, just me messing around with a new app


Now that I know this app a little better, I’m actually making an effort. But I need to fix the nose :rofl:



Drawin’ my cool gal. she’s now a character in my current book and lacking a giant hammer, but she began (and still is) a DnD character. Those are little horns in front of hair buns shaped like horns, not lil kitty ears