show your drawings! (traditional, digitals, wips, etc)



Sketchbook currently




saem I use the same .5 pencil for almost all of my sketches

I used to also use a 2mm pencil for shading as well, but I think the quality of the lead I use for it is bad so it leaves smoll black splotches here and there. it’s either that or I didn’t clean the eraser bits properly so it happens, but strangely enough, it doesn’t happen with .5


maybe i shouldnt but i like the lines, that said in photoshop i only use 1 brush aswell…im a simple guy


We do have an art store but it’s over-priced shit they sell. The quality is just really bad.

So much better to get it in Amazon since I also have Prime :smile:


Autodesk sketchbook?

(are you drawing on a tablet or phone with your finger or a stylus?


woah o.o

which brush? photoshop has such great brushes though… it’s easy to get them as well


Yes that one.

Nope, laptop. I have sketchbook because it works best on my laptop and I can’t be bothered to renew photoshop


which drawing tablet do you use?


the mixer brush tool :smiley:


oh I still haven’t figured out where it is tbh I haven’t used photoshop in so long ;-;

I thought it would be one of the basic brushes cx


it is a basic brush, its in the same panel as the brush and pencil tool, tend not to use them though


to me, basic brush = soft round or hard round brush c’:

on the toolbar?


in csp though, all of the brushes are pretty much mixer brushes. I didn’t know pressure level controlled flow until recently tbh I thought they simply mixed colors too much o.o;

that was why I moved to krita for a while but im slowly realizing how awesome csp is again


yeah, i just use it on the settings it came( just change the colour)
after that its just all mixing mud


wow :o

I can never color fur and hair properly cx


not going to lie i feel the same, i just go t’ill i give up, same with skin >.>


I mean, look at all these failures


i wouldnt call any of them failures and really not the last one
wow, you got the flow :smiley:


oh and damn that first one too :open_mouth: