show your drawings! (traditional, digitals, wips, etc)



the first three were on krita and the last one was on csp, in order of when it was done

in the first one, I was trying out grayscale but I realized the proportions are all wrong in the lineart and was too lazy to fix it

in the second one, I did it in grayscale and then colored it a skin tone on color blending mode, realizing then how much of a failure it was as well

in the third one, i’d given up on doing grayscale first and had gone back to color blocking, and this time, I drew separate locks of hair in the lineart. And then after I got to that point, I realized the pic didn’t fit his character and gave up on it again

the last one is the latest thing I’m working on cx

now that I look at it like this, I think I actually improved quite a bit over those four things o.o


sorry but csp and cx? and i just start with black or white and throw colours in till its a muddy mess:D


csp is Clip Studio Paint

cx is like XD lol

you don’t do the lineart?


Nope no line art, only do that in the first stage when i’m planing it out traditionally ( have a few things in this thread) when i go digital (been doing it for about a month) i just mix mud till i get what i want…ish …maybe ill change later but idk what im doing yet :smiley:


I’ve also only started digital a handful of months back, and only started being really passionate about art again last month. (it started when I found my old sketchbook and I remembered that I wanted to draw the characters from my own book, started on it, and realized how bad I actually was at everything, especially the clothing)

I started looking at tutorials, started a sketch thread to help me practice, shut down my cover thread because it was to time consuming and I was getting busy. And then I was stalking Fallitsel, someone who requested on my thread, and who also did digital art, on deviantart so I ended up creating an account there as well which is another incentive. I’ve also found a favorite artist on Pixiv (she’s Pilipino, fluent in both English and Japanese, some Chinese and draws great FGO fanart) and have figured out most of the features Pixiv have - they have so so many useful stuff - which is yet another incentive.

I think this sudden spurt of motivation is probably going to stick for quite a while especially since my parents are against it and I’m a rebel c’:


I’m sorry I speak too much when I’m procrastinating o.o

am actually pretending to write an assignment rn halp me ;u;


clothing and skin are the bane of my existance


if only clothes cold fall without folding and skin could be a single colour across the face :I


and ofc the clothing texture, how reflective it is and how it should fold depending on how thick, soft, or foldable it is ;-;

art is too much about understanding physics imo


which is why i only ever wing it cuz i aint got time for that



A drawing I’m working on for my mini series


I would love too fail like you then. :open_mouth:


Holy those are really good


That looks great! The character is so cute, I have an OC with similar looks! ^^


Practicing men a lil more. His hair is probably too lush but idc, the son of the Devil deserves Tresseme locks ok. I just wanna finish this piece soon >.<


Your skin shading is amazing :heart::sob:


WIP :roll_eyes:


An update of Oscar. I probably wont have much time going forward to make many more changes :frowning:


work in progress, the whether which