show your drawings! (traditional, digitals, wips, etc)



I drew a wolf.

Fergus Mac’Mellan, of the Blood Mac’Mellan, secondborn son of Lord Persephys, known as Lord Sephys, and Lady Scylla, blood patriarch and blood matriarch. Brother to Leonardo Mac’Mellan and Rory Mac’Mellan.


I’d like to include my digital doodle on this ever active thread. :blush:
Just started digital art like two weeks ago, so here’s a yorkshire terrier. I can’t do people yet. :sweat::sweat_smile:



Waah, fluffy :star_struck:

@S-Ingrate he looks cool for a wolf :grinning:


On a lazy Sunday afternoon…this is what I did.
#Ilovecoffee :coffee:


That is wonderful!


Cody is done, I gave up and didn’t change anything else on him. Oh well, still proud of my second ever attempt at drawing le males, lol. Uts meant to be a transparent background, but… it doesn’t work on here.



one day i promise ill finish a drawing :slight_smile:


Those are pretty cool!


Your watercolor paintings are always so vibrant and happy. :heart:


The Bat and the Bee WIP



Thank you, it’s my adaptation of one of the canonical painting modes of the Renaissance called Cangiante that’s why it’s vibrant :slight_smile:


Thank you i updated one but idk, thats how i am with all drawings thou…idk :smiley:


I have too much free time lately.


I had to google that. :joy:But it was interesting. I admire the fact that you study the works and techniques from a period as respected and hard as the Renaissance. :heart:


It’s been awhile art people!

Just a cover I did recently :slight_smile:


Bid of diminished quality because it’s a screen shot but I’m happy with how it turned out :slight_smile:


i may posted this in here previously, but whatcha think of my cover? I have the master file saved so I may add more charas to it/more details like spaceships and stuff


(full-size cover is 1600 x 2560 aka no thank u)


Looks like it could genuinely be a real anime! Once you get the time I think adding some space ships would look very cool, maybe even just wizzing in and out of the coloured space into the blank space :slight_smile:


I studied Architecture and that’s one of the things we never missed in some of our art class because art + architecture = a brain damage on all forms of art XD


Not sure if I’m doing this right, and I’m new here, but I have character art done for my main character for my story :slight_smile: This would be the standard clothing for Denurir, the world’s main city.

And the link to my DeviantART account: