show your drawings! (traditional, digitals, wips, etc)



Here’s a couple pieces I’ve been working on recently:


The colooorrriiiiinnnnggggg :heart_eyes:


This is redtail from my story…this drawing is kicking my bum :I


I really like her design and I must say you draw pretty good!





actually drew this picture a few years ago, but a running uhhhh mascot per say in the story is a flying squirrel so I decided to use it as the cover


I did another drawing today. Power couple from one of my works


You adding more colors, that are of varying hues, to your work makes it more appealing to the eyes. Keep it up :+1:


I’ve been trying to draw my characters at the same time as writing them, I wish I wish I had the time to practice

But here’s one of my character I drew using Procreate


Wow I love the colour scheme and the details. So pretty :heart:


Thanks so much :sob::heart::heart:


loved it


Thank you! I’m glad you like it!




I wanna kiss herrrr


They’re v gay


One of my current WIPs: a high-capacity double decker train concept.


Cool, that could do for industrial design.


I think they have these in Germany. Love the concept :slight_smile:


I see another ‘Germany’ in there and I think I’ve seen enough ‘Germany’ word for today :flushed: Don’t mind me, I’ve been shopping for art supplies and every good art materials I want to have are made in germany lol