show your drawings! (traditional, digitals, wips, etc)



Older art of my MC and the antagonist. Not really impressive but this was the first time I tried to detail my work. This was the initial design of the characters.


Kitty Valentine



I drew this for a contest on Wattpad. Had a different image in my head :sweat_smile: but alas I have to practise harder. :heart:


Okay. So I’m really feeling these characters so I decided to do another drawing of them. (I really want to write a spin off for them.)


this is a recent piece I did for @HEEdwards :blush: I’ve been really busy with work and getting ready to move so its nice to sit down and bang out a character design.

One thing I’ve noticed is I loathe having to do shading. Cel-shading just looks so great to me.


What is cell shading? Sorry I’m dumb :sweat::sweat_smile::heart:

I loved your work btw. The somber mood is quite something and it looks like a poster.


Its more or less simple base colors with black shadows. but obviously it doesnt work in all lighting.


Testing out new pencils and sort of practicing facial features. yeet sorry for that tilt o.o


Hi, yes, uh, you’re amazing.

That is all.


I was staring at a mirror the whole time for the reference tho c’:


I reference just about everything I draw. Doesn’t make your work invalid!



I too, reference the heck out of everything, except maybe my characters heads and facial features




There’s no shame in that. The best of the best do that. Good artist borrow; great artist steal. And you can’t steal what is yours.


So I recently got an iPad mostly for school but I’ve also discovered that it is the greatest art tool. Check this out!



Please ignore the clear evidence of insomnia in the top left corner :joy:


Imma just sit here and throw hearts you. Loving these :heart:



If anyone has picked up on it yet, I’m obsessed with the Hulu show Harlots.

The digital drawing is the same two characters as this sketch.


I haven’t watched it but now I will.