show your drawings! (traditional, digitals, wips, etc)



Thank you so much! :heart:


First digital drawing update:

Still working on the detail in that one eye and lips and ear and…a lot.


Sorry late reply. It’s for my Fanfic cover though!


Doctor Strange for the win!




messy wip of the most manly man I’ve attemted to draw so far ouo


Is this art work of anyone specifically, because it looks like a mix of V and Jungook; from BTS.


Working on this angel, it’s still not finished. (WIP) Had reference for the pose.



been working on Black Bird for my story, not yet where i want it at all : /39


For those of you with Instagram/twitter/deviantart accounts, has it positively improved yourself as an artist?
I’m considering opening an Insta account.
So far I’m only active on wattpad.


Nope, can’t say it has. What has had the biggest impact on me and my digital art is DeviantArt - but also because there are so many tutorials for pretty much everything.



quick adjustment layer edit:
the skin looks so much better now o.o


This is blowing me away, just so freaking awesome!!!
I’m jealous :smiley:


Absolute hottie, right there. Love the subtle red tones in his nose and cheeks!


it’s because I’m using a reference this time lol:


Omg… That jaw. Them colours. That’s just not fair :joy:


I’ve been working with digital art for around 8 to nine months currently ever since I got my first digital art pad… here’s a proud work of mine, but you can visit me at for more artworks! hehe… I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post an undressed body in here, but i can take it down if you want me too


This is what i do when not making horrible drawing of my characters
horrible doodles, enjoy55


Those are really good! Your style is lovely!! <3


Some WIPs…

And some recent stuffs