show your drawings! (traditional, digitals, wips, etc)



What program are you using?



You’re right. It’s too much work…


My mini comic Naughty Demon WIP (work in progress). Situation #1; Meet the Angel



Good ol’ pen and paper


Clip Studio Paint pro c:


I have this one from the MC of my story, i think i make it like 3 years ago, maybe i re-draw it some day


This looks great!!


nice job!


I’ve been redrawing so many of my older pieces, still trying to nail down a style that I like.




thank you!


Thank you! :blush:


Some line’d art of a book character. It’s slightly easier to trace and color my pencil drawings like this, so I’ve been doing this when I’m feeling down.


Another OC from a book.

Here’s how I normally doodle tho: lineless!



I should draw less OCs and more recognizable IP. probably.


image missed me with that smh my head


She got us


I’m loving her hair style, even if it’s not something I’d choose!

My main character BIANCA in most current book. Was going to be a book cover, but decided against it.

Yes I draw those shoes a lot. Don’t judge me.


Please be gentle with me — it has taken a lot of courage to show my limited art abilities… so… yeah.

These first few are line sketches (actually I was eyeballing references all the way through this.)

Referenced + line ish drawings

And some kinda horrid free draw (I just noticed that this first one is lopsided but lord I’m trying. It also has lines and lines and more lines)

No line/references


That dragon :ok_hand:


That fucker took ages cause I did that by eye and I’m like, I hate myself. But thank you. XD


:joy: shhhh don’t tell people that. It was soooo easy. That’s what you say hahaha