show your drawings! (traditional, digitals, wips, etc)



Yes, exactly what I meant.

Except that art and I are like this simple math equation… Art :no_entry_sign: Me


Listen. Why are you outing yourself :joy: Kidding. It just takes practice!


Currently burns my sketch book

Oh, yah. Practice makes perfect — or progress.


It does! Don’t stop trying!


Haha, yep! I was never gifted with the artistic gene so everything I attempt to draw is from blood, sweat, and mostly tears. Cause something small that takes an average artist five minutes takes me fifty minutes. :joy:


I love your line drawings tho. The dragon is fire. Reminds me of me, because I still draw like that. :heart::rofl:
On wards with practice for us.


These are quite something @EncryptedWriting

No need to be shy! I love the hell out of that stuff.


well, here’s another post! this was inspired by the iconic face in the movie the shining and i just loved it…hehe, hope you enjoy this!


A WIP of this beautiful boi by InkedPrince:


Anyone a fan of Starbomb, NinjaSexParty or Game Grumps? :3


‘From the moon to the billions of stars, I will love you with all my heart…’ New character couple design


That is so beautiful! I love your art style so much


WIP of a comm for someone on dA. Character design boiii. Literally making the outfit up as I go, no idea what forest elves wear lmao


My drawing are no where near as beautiful and perfect as everyone else but I try and I enjoy it.


thank you so much! hehe


still a wip ouo



That hair :heart_eyes:


I made a portrait of myself and mixing up how I would usually draw stuff! I’m really proud of this art work…


I’ve been really trying to improve recently. Here’s a self portrait:


That lighting and them shadows! I love the colour scheme :heart::heart::heart::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: