Showing how off topic posts can make me thread


Do we think we really need that stay on topic rule?

Someone read and or critique this!

(I’m not the person to make that call, just wondering)


Honestly, yes. With the way some people can stray (myself included) you could wind up having chat threads in every club that buries the topics of that club. Allow for some straying, because it happens, but eventually turn it back on topic or move it to the cafe.


This software has the ability for mods to select a post and make it a new thread. That might be best solution for off topic convos, instead of deleting or whatever. Just send them to a new place to continue convo without losing posts


Interesting. So the topics still on the original topic can stay in that particular club, while everything else moves. I like that idea actually.


That’s quite cool! [How do we do that? xD]

But yes, as Prisim said, it’s quite important for threads in the clubs (except The Cafe) to stay on topic otherwise it just descends into chaos (hence, why The Cafe is there xD)


We can flag posts as off-topic. Will that help with moving them?