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simple covers

Hi. I’m offering simple covers, request if you’d like one. The story must be posted or soon to be. The covers are only for wattpad use. credit me somewhere in your story/description if you use the cover.

  • use the form
  • no threadhopping
  • if your denied, don’t ask why. I’m awkward
  • tell me if you’ll be using the cover

examples | premades / form


nothing to c here

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Gonna request later

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Is there a payment besides credit?

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custom cover

Title: Treat Me


Author: Imtotalynotokay

Small description: It’s about this guy who goes to a psychologist and slowly starts to fall in love with them.

Mood/genre: Light, fanfic

Ideas/pictures: I was thinking of having Zayn Malik on the cover with a purple background

Anything else: Familiar by Liam Payne

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custom cover

Title: [Asshole]

Subtitle*: [N/A]

Author: [Laura Ann Led]

Small description: [Zayn is known as the bad ass, delinquent, rebel, who doesn’t follow the rules of the law or socially. Jaycee is the town sweetheart that everybody loves. But what happens when their paths cross? Will she still be sweet or will she lose her innocence]

Mood/genre: [Vibrant/Dark]

Ideas/pictures: [I love your book cover called “dusk” (the one with the polaroid photos. I was hoping for something like that but in the polaroids have Zayn’s lips, eyes; along with any random chicks red lips. I would like it to have a sexy feel to it. Reds, whites, and blacks. I can provide photos.

Anything else: [Christina Grimmie]

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checking out my book is appreciated but not necessary. covers are free :slight_smile:

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Is bearded Zayn alright?


it would be great if you could provide pics


Yah that’s fine

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As soon as I get home I will provide photos

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Zayn: One Two Three

Other pics: One Two Three

Have two polaroids with Zayn and the other two with red lips and half-naked body (I provided them)

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@imtotallynotokay @Punkieez accepted


@imtotallynotokay hope you like your cover/s :relaxed:

treat%20me treat%20me%202


It looks amazing but the titles treat me not tease me

@imtotallynotokay I’m so sorry, I’m an idiot :woman_facepalming:
the post has now been edited

custom cover
  • Title: [It Was Only Meant To Be One Night]

  • Subtitle*: [N/A]

  • Author: [lilnickyc]

  • Small description: [When a recently crippled man has a one-night stand during a moment of desperation, he gets more than he bargains for. Running into him the next day, a friendship starts that he’s determined to keep at arms length, even when the handsome stranger keeps pushing for a chance at more.]

  • Mood/genre: [romance/bxb/slightly depressive at times]

  • Ideas/pictures: just ideas, but feel free to make it ur own instead []

  • Anything else: [the MC is metaphorically rescued by the other man, they become very emotionally close to each other]

It’s totally fine and thank you